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The description in your post is correct, but not implemented so in your code. Wrong spi framing for the cascaded bus. You should take CS low, write 4x16 bits, take CS high. LOAD_LO and particularly LOAD_HI must not appear in write_register(), it's only used once for the full frame. And NO_OPERATION() should only perform (...)
Ethernet buddy, try looking for ethernet solutions over spi or embedded in a similar processor as yours.. an Ethernet to UART will be useless if uart can't get the throughput you need...
The evaluation board has a list price of 253 USD, by the way. But of course you can connect the energy measurement chips without it. All you need is a spi interface. It's available as dedicated hardware interface with most processors, but can be also implemented in software for processors like 8051.
hi, need some help in coding for at89s52 with rc522. thanks in advance
There's already on-chip UART in 89s52. You can use it for simplicity. Is there any specific reason for choosing I2C??? The best common technique for implementing spi or I2C on 8051's is bit banging by using "RLC" in assembly. Refer to this:
Try to use mikroC PRO Compiler and its spi library to communicate with the device. I don't have that device with me now, so can't write the code a test it. Try to write a program and post it here. Somebody will help if it is not working.
You should use spi or I2C protocol..
You didn't google far then... you will have to bit-bang the spi (that is, manually toggle and read the i/o pins for the spi interface). It's not hard. Read these:
Hi all, I want to interface SD card using ATMEGA 32 and im using spi and i want to do FAT32 implementation. CAn anyone provide me a c code or atleast tell me the way to do it. Plz help
hello everyone Does anyone of you have spi master code for c8051f060.I need to hard code a bit file into the 8051.Please help.Thank you
how to configure spi on microcontroller? in datasheet in spi command byte definition for frame buffer acess bit4 to bit 0 are mentioned reserved what does this means? thanks....
for sd card interfacing i have to set spi frequency 400KHz for that which crystal i have to be used, please suggest
i am interfacing two 8051 microcontroller using spi,data recieve from hyperterminal is written to spi write which will read on another slave 8051 microcontroller side by spi read and shown in hyperterminal m tried so many times but the correct data is nt displayed in hyperterminal, i dnt understand where (...)
In fact there's no synchronisation problem. Both peers need to setup the RF transceiver with the same communication parameters including on air bit rate. The local spi interface speed isn't related to it all.
hello, i am using mcp41010 digital pot for controlling the volume of my audio amplifier. after reading the datasheet of the digital pot i have understood the working that how to interface that digital pot. but the problem is that i have to interface this pot with 8051 micro controller using spi interface, now i don't know the (...)
All ADI energy meter chips have to be connected through spi. Because a basic 8051 doesn't expose a hardware spi interface, you need to implement it in software using bit banging. 8051 example code can be found on the internet, I guess. P.S.: microc for 8051 has e.g. built-in software (...)
actually i want to know the spi protocol,normaly project on sending data throw mcu 8051.affter sending how will it work at other mcu..tell me?plz give a reference code for refer and gain knowledge to doing this project.......... from your reply i don't understand much but i guess you want to use master slave communication if yes t
A serial eeprom is smaller and more durable than a battery. You'll need to spend some lines of code for an I2C or spi/microwire interface however.
can anyone help me to interface ad7793 with 8051 using spi.....
I need a running C language code for eeprom read write but it should not contain any internal registers of 8051 as i have to modify it for msp430. ---------- Post added at 22:16 ---------- Previous post was at 22:14 ---------- I'm using AT25320 EEPROM which is spi.