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It depends on your requirements. My personal preference is to not share the spi (it's only pins/wires at most) and have each controlled separately one spi for the LEA-M8T and one for the EEPROM (i.e. the MAX10 has two masters and a bridge between the two). If you add a UART or another spi you can add that to the bridge/arbiter and be able (...)
Maximum voltage levels has nothing to do with the spi protocol. Instead you should check the rating of the devices IOs in their corresponding datasheets. page 22 (3.6V)
Hi all.. I am doing a project using pic167873a interfaced with GSM and gps.The GSM module is interfaced with pic using UART. We are using mikroC. Not getting codes for gps interface using spi. thanks in advance
I am currently doing a project using pic16f877a.i need the micro c program for interfacing gps (spi).
I am trying to choose components and design a data logger for tracking the acceleration and direction/heading of a car. The design needs to meet only a few requirement specifications and i don't need to concern myself with the software implementation. The system needs to record direction of travel and acceleration every ten seconds and store i
since you are using spi, I'm sure you have understanding of spi communication and you have connected chip enable(CE) and chip select (CSE) properly. I will suggest you to start reading with status register. To check if your communication is working properly you can use a simulator first or a logic analyser to see if you are using spi (...)
We designed a product in which we have used SIM18 module. Please help me to resolve the following issues. --> SIM18 is connected to DspiC33F micro controller through spi --> Periodically i am receiving GGA/GSA/GSV messages. but it contains no useful informations --> How can i send input meessages to the module through spi -->I found no (...)
I need sim900 and sim08 connections details (spi, nreset, pwr_ctl) and sim900 firmware that work with sim08 (contains gps at command) thanks
Hi Radhikamani All gps receivers transmit their data using the NMEA message protocol which, from the processor view, is a standard modem interface 48Kbps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. Some newer gps devices (such a Origin) also output data on spi and/or I2C but still retain the standard UART so that they are always backwards compatible. (...)
Most of the gps devices can be accessed using UART or spi protocols. What is your controller type? What is the programming language? Compiler? Be more specific if you want to get help.
is a huge this one is quite easy--> • Implementation of Content Addressable Memory for ATM Applications this one is really interesting --> • Design of gps-GSM Mobile Navigator this one is very useful--> • Designing of I2C Master Core / spi Master Core using Verilog HDL
CrabMan i dont think so that i required rs485 or spi function. I am already getting data (date and time) from gps module in microcontroller using serial port interrupt. now i want to set some parameters of gps module by sending some data from (25 25 f1 12 02 00 05 e4 0d 0a) this code is for activate 1 sec signal in (...)
Hi Wesser, I've been designing gps stuff since 2000, and have a very nice device. ARM 946 CPU @78MHz with 8MB Flash + 2MB PSRAM MCP combo (M36WOR6040T1) 3 SIM cards: One InSIM + One SMD and One on Connector. Has 3 buttons and 2 bicolor LEDs that can be mounted on top or sideways. Has external spi Flash, like an AT45DB321D for history reco
You can try use spi UART IC to expand UART port. Best Regards, Siong Boon MODERATOR - SIGNATURE LINKS ARE NOT ALLOWED
Hi all, I am trying to use RTC Chip DS1307 with PIC18F452 to make a Clock this clock is to be updated by gps Receiver. I am usinf PICC18 by HTSOFT, please tell whether this RTC used spi or I?C and if any one had done this with HTSOFT and PIC please tell me if you can upload code please do so. I need to do it on Hardwar