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i want to interface both spi and i2c devices in same pic microcontroller suppose if we have a possibility to change pins of i2cAt first sight, you could share the Data pin for both, but Clock pin should be dedicated for each one, summing therefore 3 pins for both devices.
I find this IC a bit strange and messy. I would expect this type of IC to have a digital interface so we can communicate with it via spi, i2c or some other interface. If you think so, you have chosen the wrong chip. ADI has both, accelerometers with analog and digital interfaces, simply review
hello, if you won't use i2c, you can use a RTC DS1302 in software spi mode..instead. or milan.rajik solution to use any pin to drive SCL and SDA. but SDA pin must be open collector type..
Hi horacel1, Thank you very much for your support, I understand the concept what i posted, it's solves my requirement. Thanks & Regards, Chandu.Kurapati. good, hope it works! one of the advantages of spi is that you have a chip select signal - so long as the microcontroller has spare digital outputs
Dear all In my project, i have to get i2c data from 3 slaves and after processing, out to spi pins of PIC. Available PIC is 16f877A that allow either spi or i2c (not both simultaneously since pins are common) While searching over net, I found that it is possible by implementing i2c on (...)
why the spi can archieve much higher data rate compared to i2c ?
This can be done for some of the following possible reasons: The core of your Arduino platform presumably may be 8-bit data bus. EEPROM referred on above code is an external i2c or spi whose data bus is sized to 8-bit. In both cases, scaling original acquired data to 8 bits magnitude will lose some precision after restore.
hello, DS1307 works with i2c protocole DS1302 works with spi protocole see datasheets in details.
can you help me to use both of them? i2c and spi please tell me what i must to do step by step please
PIC RC oscillator accuracy is often sufficient for UARToperation (depends on the temperature range and PIC type). I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work for spi and i2c.
Hi, How we can identify whether a communication (spi/i2c etc) is level triggered or edge triggered w.r.t clock?
I am confused between interface and port. Suppose USB which is taken as both port and protocol. Now a new term comes interface. See the table in the picture there are different interfaces comparison. If interface is a physical term then how can i2c and spi be interfaces? Because these are serial protocols. The other c
I am trying to read data from ADXL3445 accelerometer using PIC18F4550. The ADXL345 supports both spi and i2c interfaces. I am using spi for my project. The code I am using for reading and writing data to ADXL is as follows : #define spi_CS LATAbits.LATA5 unsigned char POWER_CTL = 0x2D; //Power (...)
The uC has the different fixed pin for each interface protocol (except for i2c that i can freely configure it everywhere). Means you are using a software i2c master. ATmega has a hardware i2c, with fixed unique pins. both should work independent of spi.
If the distance between the processors is small, it might be easier to use the spi bus or i2c. To use can, both processors will need a can module and also a can transceiver, to interface to the can bus.
Hi Neal, Why not implement i2c or spi on the available SSP module? There are some fairly large EEPROMs available for both protocols. And if you need more digital I/O there are port expanders available as well. Getting Started with Microchip’s S
Currently, I have just tried out the software spi and i2c. both are not working. If I used the hardware based, then, i get no problem. But, I need one of them to be software based. Anyone can please help? Thanks in advance.
Here are many digital gyroscopes and accelerometers readily available, many have either i2c or spi interfaces. Checkout Sparkfun: Sparkfun Accelerometers I have also upload a datasheet/Appnote for Bosch Accelerometer and Sample Code which have both the i2c and spi interface. Hope this he
I have seen DS1302 used with both spi or i2c protocol. The chip has the I/O lines connected together so it is not exactly as the standard spi but this can be managed from a microcontroller when only this device is connected by changing the pin direction constantly. When you want to use a second spi (...)
Hi, I have a design in which I use multiple cores for connecting to different interfaces: spi, i2c, UART, etc. Each interface outputs the data to memory. I want to be able to both transmit data from the interface cores, read data from them and configure them (baud rate for example for UART). How can I do this? Can I use the Wishbone bus (...)