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Hi is it possible to interface a Combinational circuit with a RF module? most of the module uses spi, which means I need to have a clock in my circuit, which in the case of Combinational circuit is not available. thanks in advance
Hellow Everyone, could any one post me spi slave code in vhdl by using cpol and cpha? I have written one code but my slave code is able to receive data from master but the miso doesn't have any data. The slave receiving data also not perfect some times some random data is receiving like with bit (...)
Most of the info you need to interface to it via spi is on page 6. Why don't you read the datasheet instead of asking someone else to do your homework. You might actually learn something that way.
hi am working with spartan 6 fpga.i need to write the vhdl code for spi my project microcontroller is master and fpga is slave .i need to trasfer the data(24 bit) from master to slave.i am not understanding how to start.please help me out.
Hi, Any one did interface onboard flash memory of Digilent Atlys board ? Please share vhdl /Verilog code for reading data from onboard spi flash memory of Digilent Atlys board. In which mode the flash is configured ? like, Quad output fast read, Quad input/output fast read, Quad command fast read, etc...... (...)
It depends on the ADC. If it has an spi interface then u need an spi on the FPGA which u could find ready in EDK or on the internet ( If the ADC will be connected to the FPGA in parallel, then u don't need an interface u can just read the inputs directly. Other details on the operation of the ADC should be in (...)
what is the best way to interface spi-max6675?
By implementing an spi core that is able to read a file from a file system? If you have to do that and learn vhdl then I hope you have some spare time... ;) Are you allowed to treat the SD card as a block device? Are you allowed to cheat and tell your design where on the SD to start reading? Regardless, I think that on there i
Hello. Does anyone has a working code for spi interface in vhdl? I have allready cheked this forum and found one code, but the author is not sure if this code works. Thanks.
Take a look the open cores website for some example code.
Hi, i am a beginner in designing using vhdl. I need to construct interconnection between ADC(ADS7861 from Texas) and FPGA DE2 board. I have been told to use a spi --- a serial to parallel spi interface between ADC and FPGA. I have constructed the vhdl code for master(FPGA) and slave (ADC). (...)
MX25L512 - 512Kb spi Flash
I have ever written an RTL design for spi4. I agree that you may find some helpful product documents on-line. I remember there is a forum where you may find some industry standard SPEC recommanded by the forum. Check them on-line! Regards, rprince006