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Hi, I've got some 2GB and 1GB micro SD cards that returns 0xC1 to CMD25 and 0xC2 to CMD18. They don't accept any write or read. Any other micro SD returns the expected response on my hardware. It's a Mega8 talking to the card via spi. These cards also work ok on W7. Any ideas? Thanks.
You need to understand that spi is an exchange protocol - white you are sending the bits of a value from the master to the slave device, the slave will be sending you bits. Therefore you DON'T send values and then read values - you do it all at once. Typically you need just one function to perform an spi exchange, at least from the master (...)
Your question and problem is not clear to me, but I'll try to answer from the bits & pieces I have understood. 1. where I am suppose to connect another 2 unconnected pins(STARTUP_IO and ip2intc_irpt). Study the spi IP spec carefully, it would be written there how these pins can be connected (don't have time to read the spec and
Mcu also used PCD (proximity coupling device or the card reader) for R/W RFID tags, Connection between PCD and MCU is based on spi,Becouse of unsecure and un-encrypted connection between them ,each attacker can sniff the connection and achieve the keys used for reading and writing to the RFID tags. what is your suggestion for this? WBR
I am trying to connect my ATMEGA128 board with ADC128s102 for my prj. The board is already functioning with programming interface ISP AVR MKII. AS shown in the diag the MISO and MOSI are connected as shown . Since the ADC uses spi i have connected the MISO MOSI and SCK to corresponding pins on uC. Now since the SCK here is common for both Programme
HI there, any help would be appreciated.. I am trying to read from the AD0831 ADC through the spi inteface in proteus lite sim . It seems that I have set the correct flags and every thing but the ADC doesnot communiccate with the micocontroller at all. This is my configuration: SCK is RC3 SDI is RC4 SS is RA5. I think the algorith
can you pls be specific, do you need example or need to check any problem you are facing If you need example kindly refer to this site And if you have any problem pls explain in detail to look at.
i am trying to read interface L3G4200D gyroscope with Lpc2148. As i am new to THIS field, i am not understanding what is the problem with my code. please can somebody assist me in this. i am posting code.. #include #include #define rs (1<<0) #define e (1<<1) #define drdy (1<<7) #define cs (1<<16) vo
A problem with increasing the clock and processor speed is that the peripheral clock will increase as well this would lead to you having to change UART baud rate counters, timer counters, etc (plus I2C, spi, CAN, ????) also if you are using delays using simple loops, e.g. to slow read/writes to an LCD or similar device, these can cause (...)
I can't remember where I read this but it is what I do and have not had problems. You should disable the spi module (SSPEN=0), do all the spi configuration (mode, speed, etc.), then enable the spi module. The way your code is written (assuming I remembered correctly), the spi module is using (...)
Hi everyone, I'm trying to implement simple CAN bus monitoring system where slave read messages from CAN bus and send those bytes to master via spi protocol. I have CAN working correctly, however, I'm having problem with spi. Currently, I have the master continuously reading data from slave, so (...)
Hi i'm working on spi communication between atmega168(master) and atmega16(slave) the problem is that the slave receives what the master send but the master can't read what the slave r the codes: Atmega 16: #include #include #define SETBIT(ADDRESS,BIT) (ADDRESS |= (1<
I have a FPGA pulse generator design that is connected to a STM32 board with spi and I am having a strange problem with sending / receiving data. The basic operation is that I send a quantity of pulses to the FPGA and then a frequency to pulse them at. The FPGA then counts them down as it pulses and I can read the remaining quantity back (...)
dear you have to read spi portion of ATmega32 datasheet. It is explained there
hello sir, I am new to this ADC and wanted to inquire a few stuffs to the spi initialization which method have you used hardware reset or clocking sync1 and sync0 commands.Also what else has to be specified in init_spi() function. Right now i just want to read the registers and not to write anything. Also in reset() function what have yo
i have interface ad7796 chip to Atmega 16 using spi. The input is taken from two strain gauges and connected to the ad7796 chip and the output is viewing through LCD. But i am getting zero value as output. i am attaching the code. I need help. The code is given below. #include
Hello all, I'm having a problem with the spi interface on a PIC18F4550. I am trying to read data from a 24-bit A/D converter (ADS1271IPWG4). I have set up the SSPCON1 and SSPSTAT registers and I am sending a byte through the SDO pin to the ADC to produce the clock signal on pin SCK that will synchronize the data transfer. When I measure (...)
I am trying to read data from ADXL3445 accelerometer using PIC18F4550. The ADXL345 supports both spi and I2C interfaces. I am using spi for my project. The code I am using for reading and writing data to ADXL is as follows : #define spi_CS LATAbits.LATA5 unsigned char POWER_CTL = 0x2D; //Power (...)
hi all i am trying to implement spi communication between two 16f877a. am giving my CCS code below for master void main() { TRISC=0x10;//SCK is output (Master), SDI is input, TRISA=0x00;//Slave Select Bit ADCON1=0x06; SSPSTAT=0x40;//Mode 1,1 spi, middle of output time sampling SSPCON=0x31;//Mode 1,1 spi Master, 1/16 Tosc bit, S
Hey guys, I'm using the energy measurement IC ADE7758 with the microcontroller mbed. Right now I know how to read/write registers and the spi communication is working Ok. My problem now is to make it ready to start measuring the CT to show the measured data. I'm using the current sensor SCT-019-000 ( ) with a resistence t