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Hi, It depends on your RF &... etc and also processing power. For example : some RF Modules use UART and some of them use spi. GSM modules usually use USART. LCD can use spi or I2C or Parallel. BTW, which type of LCD do you want to use? simple 2 Text Lines or Some color LCD with Graphic Capabilities? SD Card uses (...)
spi interface gives a reasonable trade-off between hardware effort and code and would be my first choice for moderate data throughput - 4 interface lines - supported by microcontroller hardware module - simple and straightforward FPGA code
Although you say it's 12 bits maybe the packet is 16, either arbitrarily (from the controller) or for some cause like start/stop/parity/8b10b bit overhead. simple reason, spi frame length is a multiple of 8 bits by protocol specification.
Hi Friends, I couldn't give a valid reason to someone who had asked me this. Why can't spi be standardized to one CPOL and CPHA? having 4 different modes creates more chaos. Is there any logical reason for which these four modes exist. Compared to spi, other protocols like I2C, UART or CAN have their physical layer protocol well defined.
This is simple unencripted eeprom with spi interface. You can use TL866 to read and write it. If SO8->DIP8 adapter have to be used, read it once and verify multiple times to be sure, that it is connected properly. For writing it is the same. And don't tell anyone that you are planing to reduce mileage of your car before sell it.
Can dual and quad mode in memory devices be used optimally? I have read a datasheet on a flash device and another on SRAM device. Both of them appear to have dual and quad modes of operation where the serial data is transmitted from 2 or 4 pins simultaneously. This means that data transfer rate into and out of the device is increased by 2 to 4 t
Is it possible to use ready-made 433MHz transceiver modules intended for use with spi control as simple OOK devices without involving MCUs? I've tried cheap (<$1) Tx-Rx ASK modules and they work well for my purpose except that I'd like to have a bit more range in reserve. Those with a longer reach are more easily available as programmable transceiv
There are many examples of using spi in this forum and on the Internet generally. However I's guessing from your question that you are not familiar with the device you are using. Therefore I'd suggest that you start with the simple "flashing LED" program because, as you will find, there can be quite a steep learning curve to get a program running o
Hello all Arduino users. We'd like share with you new project. I/O Blocks Toolkit (or IOB in short) is a framework targeted towards Do-It-Yourself community of makers. It is a swiss army knife to manipulate electronic devices, from simple transistor switches to digital interfaces, such as I2C or spi. You can explore it on https://iobtoolkit.
What are some modern fast/flexible Intermodule / PCB-to-PCB busses commonly used with FPGAs/SOCs? That is, buses that are off chip and off board. Some I can think of off the top of my head are. Serial: I2C, spi, and RS485: very simple but flexibility and speed are limited. PCI Express: Fast and flexible, but would need an FPGA on each ca
Following simple question: When I add a spi 3-wire serial interface in QSYS I can set several parameters like: Type, clock speed, data width etc.. So why do I need those parameters when I setup the spi interface directly in VHDL? In other words, are those parameters only valid when I this interface with a NIOS? Thanks!
My other question is about this type of programming? I am familiar with structures or pointers but I cannot understand why don't they use simple function It's the C++ way of handling things. I agree that it's not necessarily advantageous for a "casual" C-programmer, but it can improve clarity and comprehensibility of large project
I believe, you can find out how many 512kBit EEPROMs are needed to store 1.7 MByte of data, either using a pocket calculator or pencil and paper. Unfortunately, you can't address more than 4 devices on an I2C bus. There's no simple solution using serial EEPROMs. My suggestion would be a 16 MBit serial spi flash, if you live with page wise erasur
Hello guys, Is there any one site which can give best information on UART, spi,I2c protocols.
Hi, Your question is a bit general You didn't provide datasheets and i don't like to search the internet and read through all the datasheets. But if your question is if you can connect spi devices with UART devices...then i don't think this is a good idea. I can't imagine a simple solution. Klaus - - - Updated - - -[/SIZ
Hi, I want to interface LinkIt Connect 7681 with another board that provides spi interface. In the API description of LinkIt Connect it is written that the spi interface provided can be used to interface a 1MB flash memory with the board there is no information about whether it can be used as a simple spi Master/Slave. (...)
Hai, I got a voice recorder ic Apr33a3 from aplus India. When I downloaded the datasheet, I got two one contain suffix "C1" and the outer one is "C2". In C1 the recording and play back options are done by simple buttons. But in C2 the controlling is done by "spi" protocol. My question is how can I identify my ic whether it is C1 or C2? Posted
which type of battery you are using NImh or Lithium Iron ?for LiOn many ic for monitoring voltage ,low voltage of battery,battery charge current,temperature search on ti website.for read data from such IC simple spi or I2C protocol need to use.
I am communicating TMS570 microcontroller with A4960 motor controller over spi. During the communication, data is lost because some times, transmission is not successful. I want to troubleshoot what TMS is sending. Is there any way that I can see spi data over my PC? spi baud rate is almost 1Mhz so I can not use simple (...)
it depends on the component often we have general purpose boards where some of the components depend on the application on power up the microcontroller tests for each component and if not found issues an error message and disables its functionality this is simple with devices such as modems and interfaces such as spi and I2C where one can test t