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hi people how are you, hope you are fine I'd like to ask you where Could I get Documents describing the Standards of spi and I2C like Commands on binary level , protocol in general , when a master sends a message to slave and expects a reply what's the delay for response after the last master's bit is send , Registers and how to set ...etc.
Im trying to use spi in Hitech C to communicate between 2 PIC's (master / slave), I went through the example on but the code there refers to "spi.h" and from what I found so far is that spi is very str
Hello people can someone please help me I am trying to communicate with SD card using Spartan 3 am trying to use the spi from Xilinx, does anyone have example of spi or tutorials The problem is when I send the CMD0 command there is no respond. But I know it?s working because When I used this it works wit
You can look for tutorials.. But why not do it yourself? Do you know any HDL? As far as I remember, this ADC uses an spi communication protocol and is quite easy to operate...
Hi! I'm new to microcontroller and Hitech C, could anyone give me a guide in how to set up the register or setting (such as PIR2, SSPSTAT.... ) needed to use the I2C or spi serial interfacing? A sample would be preferably, thank you!
Hello there, please go through these links. Best regards,
You can use spi, I2C, UART, 1-wire,.... for this. regards, Peter
Hi. I need to interface the MCP 4161/4261 digital potentiometers with an ARM based board using spi. Does anyone know how to use them and program them using C? Or is there any site that I can use which has tutorials? I've found a few with BASIC but its hard to make head or tail of that code.
Hi everyone, I am trying to simulate one of my circuit/layout designed with Electric (Static Free Software) on Pspice. However, I was not able to simulate the spice Deck (*.spi) generated by Electric on Pspice. I searched extensively on the web for tutorials and forums, but it was not successful. I have (...)
I'm new to embedded field . Learning the protocols . Right now i'm going through spi protocol . Wish to what toggling is . What does "SCLK edge on which the MOSI line toggles" Means and what sampling is (I have the tutorials for this to learn) . A bit of guidance on this toggling part will be useful . Regards
hi all am a beginner in msp 430 and am trying to interface msp430g2231 wtih dac mcp4812 (this may support spi communication).... pls any one help me to inetrface those things with a example code???
i m try to interface SD/MMC card with AVR16 and coding it in codevisionavr only in spi mode i m not writing FAT system can anyone tell me how to access sectors and generate sector address in codevisionavr
Hi, If you are using ISE then to define pins you have to add a Constraint file to your project and set the pins according to your boards data sheet. There are tutorials on this topic ,specially if you're using Xess's borads. I don't know what the spi expects but if you want to create a ramp you can simply use a For loop and increment the value
Try this link of PIC, you can find lot of example source code under spi section. It is better to understand basic spi. you can find the tutorials with google. Cheers idlebrain
Try for their compilers and tutorials. Their compilers have library functions for RS232, spi I2C etc. making them very easy to use in applications. bimbla.