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Hi, what ac model Pspice uses for a diode in reverse bias? the model comprises of a capacitance and a resistor. i know that much, but what is the values for the R and C. I have some formulas for R and C from the book "Semiconductor device modeling with spice" R is equal to the slope of the I-V curve for the diode (...)
Hi, I have downloaded BSIM and PSP source code but cannot figure out how to use them. I need a simple c/c++ code that returns current given all the voltages and transistor structure parameters. I don't want to go through spice, just need a simple function for device modeling work. Is there anything out there? Thanks pa
Hi I am trying to model the IMOS transistor in spice, but I don't know where to start. I simulated the device in MEDICI and I have all the Current-Voltage characteristics, and the capacitances. The problem is that the Id-Vg and Id-Vds curves do not fit to MOSFET's equations. So I cannot modify a MOSFET model. I need to add equations to create th
If the spice model doesn't provide this leakage information inside its device model or the device modeling regarding to leakage isn't good and accurate, you may not get meaningful information from spice simulation.
BSIMProPlus is the most efficient and accurate spice model extraction tool on the market for digital, analog, mix-signal, and RF modeling application especially in advanced process technologies. It provides a new spice modeling framework built on BSIMPro and offers an active and passive device (...)
Book : Fundamentals of Power Electronics. It has some example to modeling switch device. Now I use the model simulation with my Error Amp in spice simulator. :D
Hi, APLAC is a very similar to spice. You can use it instead of spice. All your results depends on the models. It is less expensive than the other RF specific tools you have mentioned. If you need more features go for others. B R Madhukar
adlabplus2.7 have a spice modeling tool for transistors, diodes and op amps. it name model.exe