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I would try to emulate how semiconductor fab folks and modeling folks test it - apply a voltage ramp, acquire the current as you go, and do the math (integral of I being Q, Q being C*V, at any given V your C is I/(dV/dt). Pretty easy to set up if you have a Calculator in your waveform viewer with a deriv() function. Or you could dump raw dat
Almost all vendors provide Macro Model for spice. You can use Hspice Models or General spice Models for ADSsim. Note : ADS is a name of Design Framework.
I haven't looked at Saber simulator in decades, but at the time it was one of the least-compatible-with- anything simulators going. Nobody liked it who looked at it (although the Saber illuminati were showing some better than spice behavioral modeling capability, back when spice was spice and no support for AHDLs there). (...)
I'm not working with Proteus, but I believe it's transformer model can be setup with spice inductance and coupling parameters, otherwise consult the documentation. For the inductance of typical coil configurations you can refer to tools on amateur radio web sited like
I discovered that the 4N25 model delivered with LTspice IV (v4.23g) gives a CTR of 74% (measured in a LTspice simulation), while the typical CTR (acc the datasheet) is 50%, and the minimum CTR is 20%. So, why did they choose such a high value in the model? Reference project:
Depending on modeling philosophy (and particularly important to things like RF switches and CMOS PA antenna-matching) the metallization - gate poly fringing capacitance may be separately, specially treated (de-lumped from the gate-source, gate- drain silicon-thinOx-gatePoly plate and fringe) in the layout parasitic extraction and the spice / Spectr
I had just downloaded the jumbocad. I want to simulate my flyback converter. However its magnetic core model didn't work. The jumbocad schematic provide a lot of functional block such as gain, differentiator, integrator, multiplier, limiter, voltage & current source.....etc. I want to create my transformer and PWM model using the functional bloc
Can anybody tell me the exact spice code for different temperature effect on interconnect (RC distributed) line.
You need to model Operational amplifier as sub circuit block in Pspice. You can also find the spice model from TI or ADI web sites. You may want to refer the following article , this has explained modeling CFOA in detail. Another good reference on this topic is
Hello everyone, I am new to pspice and I need it to model a 22nm transistor. How can I do it and how to start? Thanks in advance.
Pls help. i want to learn spice modeling i don't know a bit about it. Pls help me. and tell where can i get the software ?
ViaDesigner is not quite free - a one year license is $169. ViaDesigner is a mixed-signal design and simulation environment. It combines: schematics, spice modeling, VHDL, Verilog and VHDL-AMS into a unified simulator. You can download a trial version of ViaDesigner from
Hi all, I'm implementing a SPAD model(base on: spice modeling of single photon avalanche diodes. by F. Zappa∗, A. Tosi, A. Dalla Mora, S. Tisa and published in Sensors and Actuators A 153 (2009) on pages 197?204) and the problem is in a swith out of the analogLib of Cadence (in combination with Spectre) that should simulate the selfsustain
Hi everybody; I have a project which concerns the impact of the TSV (Through Silcon Via) on the nMOS transistor. Does anyone have an idea on how to measure the nMOSFET Body voltage with spice-like modeling, considering the compact model of BSIM4 or level3-MOS for the nMOS??? Thanks.
If it were me, I'd be looking for some other vendor's spice library for a similar topology xfmr, and then re-parameterize it. You may care about more than simple leakage and mutual inductances - certainly a pulse application will care about interwinding C and so on. Linkcom's Taiwan web site shows no such part number which may account for your pro
Hi all, I'm having trouble understanding how 1/f noise is modeled in LTspice. This came about because I'm doing some analytical noise modeling for a photodetector preamplifier circuit, and I wanted to support this with LTspice simulations. What I was after was a simple transformation from the spice MOSFET flicker noise (...)
I have checked the CRMagnetics site looking for a spice model of the CR3110-3000 ( ) and have not found anything. Anyone found one somewhere. I am trying to do some modeling using LTspice for some prototypes Thanks JH
Actually you can't blame C@dence for that: they aren't providing the models, they just provide the analysis software like spice, Hspice, SPECTRE, MULTISIM ... Models are provided with the PDKs from the semiconductor foundries/fabs, or from educational facilities like MOSIS, NCSU, PTM ... Thats them who are responsible for
Hello I have studied about spice modeling, especially buck converter. 61258 To realize this schematic, i write netlist like this VG VIN GND VIN_para RIN VIN V0 RL_para V_DC_IN V0 V1 DC 0 F1 V1 GND V_DC_OUT 'N(V(VD,0))' E
Hi to all, Can somebody please address me to a tutor where I can learn how to create and add a new transformer model into Multisim 11? Basically I need to simulate a circuit containing a transformer I designed and built myself. Of course I know all its main parameters: number of windings, turn ratio, winding capacitance and stray inter-winding c