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Hi, cdl refers to circuit design language i think mostly netlist level language format similar to spice and used in LVS and DRC .gds is graphic database system format is unreadable. It is a binary file format representing planar geometric shapes, text labels, and other information about the layout in hierarchical form. (...)
I have post synthesis netlist generated by design compiler. I want to perform spice analysis on this netlist. I don't know how to generate spice netlist and which tools to use. Can someone tell me how spice analysis is performed on the gate (...)
Hi Manoj, Calibre needs Layout ( in GDS format ) & Source ( Verilog netlist ), which are dumped from the Implementation tools. Later, Verilog netlist is converted into spice format ( cdl ). Now the calibre has GDS & cdl, it starts comparing the connectivity based on (...)
hai friends can anybody help me to change the bus delimetr while generating spice netlist that is .cdl file i need to change the to <> i am using V2LVS -v(verilog) -s(subcircuit) -o (.cdl) -a < -a < is this the syntax correct for bus delimetr
Hi everyone, I have another problem, again... I have obtained a cdl netlist and a spice netlist from my verilog netlist. I used v2lvs to generate the cdl and spice netlist. Firstly I (...)
I have a cdl netlist sent by a third party and would like to run some basic simulations of the circuit. How can I do it? I have renamed the *.cdl file as *.scs and used it as a model but it did not work. Then added the simulator lang=spice line to the code just to check if it worked but I still get syntax (...)
Hello all, I have a .spi (spice/netlist) file, I tried to import it but I failed. Would you please give me a detail guide. Thanks you and have nice day.
Hi, I have a spice netlist file where in VCVS, CCCS are used. I wanted to import that netlist to cadence through Import--> cdl... , I am able to see all the components in the resulting schematic except VCVS, CCCS. Is there anything special I should do for these components? Thanks in (...)
This looks older post - but not having right solution: Transistor level RCX, the input data source is LVS db. This is used to backannotate. If you are trying to create av_extracted view - run LVS with DFII schematic & Layout not cdl & GDS. For cdl GDS flow, create spice, Spectre, xDSPF, xSPEF netlist only, (...)
Dear all, If we use cadence icfb to cdl out the schematic to spice netlist, the default unit is meter. For example shown below: M1 A B C D NCH W=5u L=1u M=1 Now, I want to make the unit from meter to micron after cdl out. It must looks like : M1 A B C D NCH W=5 L=1 M=1 Anyone helps me?
FE views doesnt hav gds2, cdl .. compared to fb which has cdl, gds2, spice netlist, lef, milkyway, verilog, volcano... fx views are views which has celtic, tetramax, or voltagestorm or apache
In case of DIVA,you have to ways at the least: In both of these two methods,you can simply treat the extracted view as a schemetic view.The you can: 1.Use the CIW->export->cdl->netlist,and modify the netlist to run spice. the extracted view,start tools-> the analog enviroment,the (...)
We are now doing mixed signal layout lvs. The digital circuit is described with verilogHDL, while calibre can only recongnize cdl netlist. How can I deal with this lvs problem? How can I translate verilogHDL to spice netlist? Thanks a lot!
Hello ,everyone: I try to translant the verilog-beharioral netlist into spice-netlist using synopsys hercules. The whole command is as follows: nettran -verilog ../vlog/file.v -verilog-b0 VSS -verilog-b1 VDD -cdl (...)
I'm using the ARM7TDMI Design Simulation Module . the sdm is integreted in a digital design , and finished the synthesis . I meet a problem when i transtlate the verilog netlist into spice netlist . I use nettran command in hercules to do this , for the standard cell , i have the (...)
sansdwork have spiceCheck
nettran in Hercules is another verilog to spice translator. You can merge the IP's cdl to the whole netlist. Or you can use nanosim to analyze the power.
Does anyone know how to transfer a netlist to a schematic?? I tried to use "cdl IN" in the cadence. but I don't know how to operate. I tried several times, but i fail. i need help. Thank you You can use spice vision to get directly a schematic from any netlist spice (...)
Hi, Has anyone used v2lvs? It can convert verilog code to spice netlist, I've checked its manual and run it in below: $> v2lvs -o /tmp/whole.sp -lsp rom.cdl -lsp analog.cdl -lsp core.spi -s stand.v -s0 gnd -s1 vdd -v a2811.v I cannot run it smoothly and get such error: Warning: a2811/ap_rom (...)
The Analog Artist can generate a flatten spice netlist. But this netlist has no pin information of top hierarchy. So I want to use 'export' option in Cadence software to generate a flatten cdl netlist with pin information. How can I get a flatten (...)
Calibre has a tool to change verilog to spice. But you need the spice netlist for each standard cell definition.
They all look like spice but have extention, like : *.bipolar cdl extention for dracula can be used with analog simulators like Hspice.
the circuit guys design the circuit according to the spec. on the other hand, front guys write the RTL code according to the spec. how can you verify they function the same. You know simulation is not a good way because you have to take a great effort to compare the two result between the verilog simulation output and hspice simulation output.
Anyone has any experiences on converting a cdl netlist into a spice netlist? I know both languages are from the same family however I can't find a good manual of a cdl file and his syntax. If you have synopsys hercules, you can use "nettran" utility to do the (...)
Hi, Anybody knows that how to change mos model type name when I use "Export cdl" to generate spice netlist ??? The reference library define pmos model name p1. I need spice netlist with pmos model name PMOS. I tried to modify instance pmos's CDF content in a top cell, (...)
Yes, you can, but first, you must have a spice/cdl netlist library of all units, if your gate level netlist is verilog netlist. you must translate it to spice or cdl netlist. general, i use (...)