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I convert my synthesized veriolg code into spice netlist but i have a problem. Every Cell (subcircuit) has its own VDD and VSS net name, but i want to have the netlist which has unique supply name for power supply net name. This is a sample of output converted netlist: . . . XU9 PA n9 X1 VDD_dummy47 (...)
Hi I'm a undergrad student doing research on H-tree I'm having a hard time writing a Hspice netlist for H-tree. I intend to use synopsys tools for timing and skew analysis. The driver/ buffers are 32nm CMOS's Any help with sample netlists, synthesis codes or any piece of advice. If you can't share it in (...)
I did not get your point, you need any sample design which contains the ADCS9888 or simply a datasheet ? I think he wants the gds file and spice netlist of the named of ADCS9888
you first create a model with model toos(pspice accessories->model editor) then, link the model with you spice file. now, u have a model and you can design in schematic editor.
Hi, I require a perl code which converts verilog flat netlist to spice netlist .Can anybody help me in that? Thanks,