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If you use 3D EM simulator, you can draw your spiral against a ideal antenna with a azimuth and elevation angles,then you can check the s-parameters and since the applied power/voltage to the ideal antenna, you can also find induced and appeared voltage/power at the terminals of the looks like antenna chamber..
Hello everybody, I want to make a layout for a spiral inductor using Momentum ADS, you will find enclosed the layout and substrate on Momentum ADS2009. I do not know how to know the values ​​of the following parameters of my substrate & layout as: toxM1M2: oxide thickness between spiral and centertap. Eox, tox: oxide (...)
Hi, I am trying to design an amplifier whose center frequency is 60GHZ. Due to high frequency the C and L values are coming in fF and pH and thus not able to get correct results using lumped components. Now I am thinking going for spiral inductors and interdigital capacitor or should I go for microstrip tx lines Now while building smart co
You might need to do some extra work such as adding whatever recognition / special layers the foundry PDK uses to drive recognition & param extraction of drawn inductors. These would be absent from an externally sourced layout since that's all "housekeeping" inside the Cadence setup. I'd begin with making an intra-Cadence spiral inductor (...)
Hi, Please I need to set Geometric Parameters ( Number of turns, Din, widh and space) of an Octogonal spiral inductor with Hspice. Can somebody have an idea? Many thanks
I want to design an on-chip inductor on silicon substrate at 1.575GHz frequency of operation. I have calculated all the related parameters like Rs, Cp, R1, C1 etc. But how should i start with simulating the spiral structure on ADS momentum??
Due to parasitic effects on element, it behaves differently than expected. For inductor,due to parasitic capacitance between windings, coupling to ground and series resistance of the wire, circuit model is not a single inductor but combination of inductor capacitor and resistors.
I've been calculating the inductance of a 0.18u CMOS process inductor in Cadence using several formulas such as Wheeler's, Rosa's and monomial expressions for octagonal spiral inductors. All these formulas give the same amount with very little variation while the real inductance is significantly different. As these calcul
Boundaries: I would recommend making a region with about 200% padding (my personal preference, tends to work for me) and assign that as the Radiation Boundary. Excitations: A lumped port should be fine. It should connect from one end of the spiral inductor to the other, you may want to make some leads perpendicular to the spiral to allow (...)
Hi, I have to design and optimize a square spiral inductor layout by using ADS momentum. And I still beginner for this thing. Please someone help me how to start to make a design of the inductor. I have no idea for this. I was search for internet but couldn't found the proper tutorial. Thank you
"Antennas" at this frequency are basically inductors operated at resonance. The magnetic distribution is what you know from spiral inductors, no RF surprises at this frequency. 2kW is a lot of power, given that the inductor is operated at resonance with rather high Q factor.
Hi all, I am using Momentum to synthesize the spiral inductor. I have created the substrate description file for Momentum usage. I have checked that the input parameter is correct. Then I use this to synthesize my simple spiral inductor. This is using the Top metal (M6) to make a spiral (...)
Hello, I'm actually designing a spiral inductor (gold) on a InP substrate scalable in a range from 0,1 to 1 nH with the smallest capacitance possible and there are a few questions I would like to ask you. 1 - I did the tutorial of the spiral inductor from HFSS and tried to apply the same method to a InP substrate. As (...)
Dear all. I am using 0.13 um PDK in cadence. In my circuit, I have 8 spiral inductors, which bulks are connected to the ground by means of a resistor. For more detail please refer to my post: Cadence Forum After doing LVS using Calibre, I have enco
Hi all, When we simulate an on-chip spiral inductor we typically use lumped ports to interface with the inductor ports (assume you have an inductor with input and output connections). The lumped ports are connected between two conducting materials so one connection is the inductor itself and the other is (...)
I'm new to hfss and microwave engineering. I tried to simulate a spiral inductor of 10 turns for 100nH. I used the modified wheeler equation to design the inductor. I want to find the resonance of this structure. and the inductance value. I have posted the design here.Also pls verify the simulation i done is correct.I tried to find the (...)
how can plot parametrs lik Q,K,L,S12,... in ASITIC ? How make Ground a spiral?\ PLZ answer me, i needed ...:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
Hi, Could anyone help me with Agilent ADS software ? I wish to draw a flat spiral coil (17 turn, s=w=0.5mm) I'm not knowing how to connect ports (P1-P2===>) to terminals of an spiral inductor layout. I try to connect ports (P1-P2) in the flat coil and the connection between them is unsuccessful . After to simulate the flat (...)
Hi I have been trying to simulate the S11 response of this planar circular inductor. It has one glass substrate (brown color), SiO2 layer (red), gold sputtered planar circular inductor and on top of that silicone rubber. I attached an image of this model here. The problem i have been facing are these: 1. In actual measurement i use a SMA male
I'm simulating a m9 spiral inductor with m1 ground ring in HFSS. The L is close with data of PDK, but Q factor is very low compared with PDk. I think the narrow is reason why Q factor is low, but as you see, ground ring indeed is narrow. I think ground ring as current return path should not be high impedance. Anyone can help me? BTW, how to ex
Can't you use an existing spiral inductor as template? Otherwise check the spiralINDPackage description in the Assura Physical Verification Reference Guide (pp. 840..852).
hi all i want to design LC-VCO but before design VCO i need to have model parasitic of inductor for performance simulatoin.but i cant design inductor so i must use the existent model at paper... but i cant found a paper complete of lumped model circuit of inductor and with value of elements. can anyone help me for have paper? it's very (...)
Friends, Could you please tell me in what situation I should use which kind of inductors? I mean as you see in the photo, the first one is a conventional inductor, the second one is a Mline, and the third one is spiral (My circuit is not a Ic and is a discrete circuit). To supply drain of a power amplifier (which passes high curr
A spiral, meander, or other shape inductor, on top of lower Q also provides more problems and unknowns at very high frequencies. A high impedance straight microstrip line is better option than an inductor at those microwave frequencies. An equation for the inductance of the microstrip inductor that is used for many years by (...)
I have a design of spiral inductor with multi-layer dielectric material substrate. If I create 20 layers of different SiO2 materials, initial mesh takes forever. (Solving matrix also takes long time.) If I consolidate the dielectric material into 3-4 layers, it becomes really fast. It seems like consolidation can give me different solution
hello, I need your helo to correct my simulation in hfss of a spiral inductor, I didn't get the right value plz can you verify my design? port definition? port type? boundary? the real value of this inductor is about 1.8 uH 104153 waiting for your help
You may start with copper metal trace (create rectangle), and then forming into spiral geometry if you want a spiral inductor. The two ends will serve as your two ports.
I use hfss 13.0, and I has simulated a inductor based on "Getting Started with HFSS: A Silicon spiral inductor". But the result I get is different with the file,Getting Started with HFSS: A Silicon spiral inductor. I didn't add the integration line. can you tell me what's wrong with my project? thanks!
can anyone help me?pls. i have intended to simu a spiral inductor in hfss,but when i've established the structure,i encountor simu error during frequency sweep; the message is below: "communication faliure... communication faliure... discrete solution,process hf3d exited with code -1073741819 communication faliure..." the hfss can r
Hi everybody. I am using TSMC 0.18 in ADS for simulate my design but I don't know How to connect spiral inductor ports in my circuit? In below picture two inductor of TSMC 0.18 and my circuit Be seen. 96908 Please Help me : 1) If I want to use INDS2_STD ,Can I connect port 3 to VDD or should it connect to GND?
You have to reduce the Q factor of the inductor: - inductor Q-factor is proportional with inductance. - Width-to-spacing ratio and the outside diameter affect the Q of the spiral inductor. - The Q-factor decreases with a decrease in the outside diameter. - The Q of an inductor can be decreased by using a (...)
Dear Sir, Is it sufficient by choosing the 2 metal layer substrate and assign the metal onto it for getting generation of overpass and underpass spiral inductor. Should be.. 2 Metal layer will give you at least 3 dielectric layer including air/space.If you choose first metal layer for spira
Hi I am trying to design a spiral inductor on my PCB. I have a space of 10mm x 10mm for it, the good news is I also have 8 PCB layers to achieve it. There a lots of formula's for a single layer spiral inductor available on the net, and by above dimensions I can only achieve about 2uH with 20 turns with 0.1mm trace width (...)
Dear Sir, How to double the printed spiral inductor value( N=? Ri= ? W= ? S=? ) and microstip value( W=? L =?) ( If use RT- DUROID substrate , H=0.5 mm, Er=2.16, T = 0.03, and TanD=0.0031). Can you anybody help me.
Dear Sir, I have the following doubts regarding on the source degenerated inductor in ADS 2009. (1) I have read in one paper, we can use the bond wire in series with source. Where is bond wire available in ADS , how we can create the bond wires in series with the source. (2) I have read about the spiral/external (...)
I want to simulate the spiral inductor in ansoft. How can i see the capacitive behaviour of the spiral inductor after making the geometry is a simple spiral coil with two ports.
How can I simulate an planar spiral inductor which was manufactured on ltcc substrate. The spiral has 3 mm outer diameter, strip is 100 um width and space between strips 100 um. Number of turns 3,4,5. I use mgrid editor in HyperLinx 15.21 and define two 125 um layers for substrate and bridge of spiral. In basic parameters (...)
I have designed a rfid tag antenna 13.56 MHz (hexagonal spiral antenna) but the problem is it's not resonating. How can i make it to resonate? Need Help Urgently.
Hello all, I am doing a layout for LNA. In LVS , I was able to remove all the errors but just one. It is related to spiral inductors in 8hp. No matter what I do it just keeps giving me an error related to sub connection. Can anyone please guide me how to place the "ind" with subc on layout ? ( I am not modelling the inductor , I am (...)
For when the lumped component SMD inductor will no longer be good enough (at X-Band). Having to use the microstrip spiral inductor becomes necessary because of the self-resonance and other characteristics that SMD components have. I am working with 0.508mm (20 mils) thick PTFE/ceramic/glass type PCB for X-Band project. Passive components (...)
Hi, Check your technolgy libraries, it is usually already have there. If not, then you can make spiral inductor with VPCM.
I am not aware of any "chip style" inductors that work to 10 GHz. Most have resonant frequencies in the 1 to 3.5 Ghz range. Above can no longer call it an "inductor". A resistor may work. A distributed type bias tee may work. Some sort of printed spiral inductor may work, but needs to be analyzed properly.
I was able to build a spiral coil using VeloceRF's inductor->spiral Wizard, and then there's no problem running simulation on this coil from VeloceRF, since it's a basically PCell. Now I flatten this coil, and then regroup all layers again using Make Cell command, then VeloceRF will not be able to recognize this new coil. How to fix this? (...)
I am going to design an LNA for 60ghz or higher . I have read some texts and papers but I couldn't gain a good viewpoint about of which type of inductor ( transmission lines , active inductor , pasive spiral inductor ) I have to use in my design with respect to all things such as area , power , linearity . noise , gain , (...)
Hello. I have simulated a spiral inductor in RF mode Momentum and i have a question regarding Q. I use 2 definitions/methods to calculate it, the one concerning the resonant frequency and the 3 dB bandwidth and the other with the imaginary over real part of the impedance. While the 2 methods agree very well for low frequencies, for relatively high
I'm designing a wireless power transfer system in HFSS using the magnetic near-field. The transmitter can be of any type but the receiver has to be small enough to be integrated within a device (between 1mm to 3mm thick). I'm designing the transmitter to be a helical coil as it has a large quality factor but a spiral, planar coil for the receiver w
Any object close to a spiral inductor will affect it. If the object is conductive, the inductor field will generate eddy currents in it. A good conductor will change the inductance value, a poor conductor will affect its resistance.
How can I design high q spiral planar inductors? i know for helical inductors there is a parameter like length to diameter which should be almost equal to 1 for best quality factor but what about planar inductor? I know more turns means higher inductance and then high Q but are there are no definite formulas based on the (...)
what is the advantage of differential spiral inductor over single inductor.I am getting two options i.e.,single or differential when choosing inductor from UMC 130nm technology library.which is the best option and why?can any one explain.Thanks in advance
Hi, Im new to ADS , and presently working on spiral inductor design with guard rings. I have completed my spiral inductor design in ads momentum using help provided on the internet, but get confused how to design guard ring around it. Please help me in designing this spiral inductor in (...)