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I simulated a plannar arkimedes spiral antenna by hfss. I used lumped port to excite the model. The model and the excitation are shown below. When I start simulation, the hfss always breaked by the error report. I tried many ways to solve it, but I failed. Is there some people can help me to solve the problem? Thank you very (...)
I m working 2 to 18 g spiral N 27 Track width .2mm Spacing .2mm It is taking huge time my machine 48 gb ram more than 8 hours still result pending Any clue
Hello everybody: Im designing a spiral antenna and simulating it with hfss. I have a problem with the port definition. I dont know which kind of port I should use, and I would like to know which is the way the ports are usually defined for this kind of simulation. It would be really helpful if somebody could give me an example. (...)
Hi all, When we simulate an on-chip spiral inductor we typically use lumped ports to interface with the inductor ports (assume you have an inductor with input and output connections). The lumped ports are connected between two conducting materials so one connection is the inductor itself and the other is the PEC material. Between the lumped por
I'm new to hfss and microwave engineering. I tried to simulate a spiral inductor of 10 turns for 100nH. I used the modified wheeler equation to design the inductor. I want to find the resonance of this structure. and the inductance value. I have posted the design here.Also pls verify the simulation i done is correct.I tried to find the (...)
hello, I need your helo to correct my simulation in hfss of a spiral inductor, I didn't get the right value plz can you verify my design? port definition? port type? boundary? the real value of this inductor is about 1.8 uH 104153 waiting for your help
Hi Everybody. I simulate archemedian spiral antenna plate with hfss and cst. spiral wires are on the RT5880-010mil. The impedance of it is 130ohms with CST and 150ohms with hfss. which of them is true and what is my fault?
Hi all, Thanks to this forum, I've been able to get started in hfss and obtained some working simulations of a copper planar spiral inductor on polyimide. I am simulating it in order to extract its inductance, series resistance and parasitic capacitance, for a near-field coupling application at frequencies ~1MHz. I have built inductors (...)
Hi guys, I'm working on a Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) project, and the Q value is important for my study. Before making a real spiral I hope to do some simulation by hfss. The problem is how to get the Q value in hfss when the spiral is in self-resonance. I have already get its self-resonant freq by (...)
hi all, i m using a inductor tutorial from the given site i m facing problem while assigning the excitation. i.e. the problem comes on page 18 of the pdf titled "To assign lumped port excitation" has anyone done this simulation given in the pdf. This example is
Hi All, I am trying a 2 turn spiral inductor and combine it with another 1 turn to make a transformer. I did a layout in Cadence and imported it in hfss only to find out it is of a "Non-Model" type so I cannot change its properties for 3D EM simulation. My inquiry would be, how do you make the parallelogram box in hfss? (...)
Hi I have simulated cpw type inductor in hfss. The inductance value at lower frequency such .1GHz to .4GHz is around 80nH to 40nH but the value from 0.5GHz is around 6nH upto resonance. As per calculation i have designed the rectangular inductor for 7nH. But the results at lower f
Hi, check these links
Hi everybody, I'm a newbie in hfss and I'm trying to simulate a spiral inductor focusing on high frequency resistance effects. To do this I made a spiral inductor on a FR4 substrate covering all with a box rapresenting the air. The boundary conditions are 1. Radiation for the air and 2.perfect E for the inductor. My problems come out when I (...)
Hi meirosh, Kindly see the attached document.Its a step by step method for a spiral inductor to setup and simulate in hfss. The excitations,boundar conditions etc would be the same for your case aswell. Check it out and implement it on your structure. /SC
yes, CST & hfss are the tools that you can use. you need to consider the compression, diameter and the length of the spiral antenna that contribute the resonant frequencies.
Hello! I want to connect two surfaces to each other (Polyline6 and Polyline6_1) to finish my spiral antenna simulation, but when I connect them (Modeler>surface>connect), an error occurs. I don't know why. can any body help me?? thanks.
I am a rookie working on hfss I can not get the right simulation results for this antenna. I feel it is the problem of the excitation. Can anybody help me to take a look what is wrong in this simulation? Thx a lot.
hi all, i'm trying to simulate the spiral antenna with hfss v11. at first, that was ok, but then when i changed the parameter, i've got this kind of error adaptive solution setup, process hf3d error:matrix solver exception: file I/O failure... what does that mean? and why i need 5-6 hour for each simulation? Thank you.
hi, Does anybody has an archimedean spiral antenna simulation using hfss that works? Can you please send it to my email: ? Thanks a lot!!