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Hi, I would like to generate a step function which will generate a stair signal. The code is following: if (count <=(stps-1) ) begin @(timer(period, period, time_tol)) begin x = x + (0.6/(stps-1)); count = count+1; end end else begin x = x; end But there are some sharp transitions which are creating convergence error,
The thinnest spline dielectric coax cable that I've seen is about 6.3mm (0.25 inch) external diameter.
Hi, Guys I have a problem when designing a vivaldi antenna that operates from 1 GHz to 28 GHz in cst. I have red many posts about the vivaldi on edaboard, however I have tried to use the spline but don't know how to implement the exponential for tapers. If anyone have a solution please don't hesitate to give me, or if anyone could send to m
Hello Everyone, Need an urgent help I am writing Verilog code for spline Cubic Interpolation Module(by using this i have to calculate the lower and upper envelope of a sampled signal). I have read one Journal Paper and from there i have got a digital structure of the spline Interpolation Module(Diagram Attached Below) where xmaxj = jth local max
Hi, i am trying to design the vivaldi antenna for rcs construct exponential curve i tried 2D curve options in cst...but it is not to make a curve in cst..I am using spline to construct it. but it is not working ..... somebody pl help me out... thanks...
Yes, Actually the physical structure of what you have connected to your wave port should be "homogeneous for at least 3 mesh cells". This is becasue you use a spline profile to create a port and the distance between two sides of your slot is changing continuously. I suggest connecting another peace of slot with a constant gap size to you tapered sl
In IEEE document, Printed UWB Antenna Operating Over Multiple Mobile Wireless Standards, I have the problem to made another side which is right side of spline whereas Left hand side is made correctly in HFSS. How to make it? Secondly how to made two bottom rectangles which is back side. Thirdly, one large rectangle has to be made but I have d
Hi, the upsampling is not that straight forward as down sampling. there are various methods to do the upsampling, the easiest in my opinion is linear interpolation, but you can use quadratic methods, cubic spline interpolation etc... depends on why you need it for... so you have to specify your application a bit more. would recommend you to rea
Hi all, I am designing a interpolated fir filter. I have designed FIR filter using the coefficients that I got from matlab. But how to design a 2 stage interpolated fir filter with pass-band gain of 6.02 db. I read many IFIR filters which uses linear interpolation/b spline interpolation. But I did not get any idea abt getting passband gai
(note: I'm pretty inexperienced in SP) So I have a signal that is square-like in time, and not very noisy - I have successfully smoothed it using methods like free-knot spline, and piecewise savitsky-golay. My issue is not with determining the underlying signal as it is obvious: rather, it is with reducing the amount of data so that calculations
Hai everybody.... I have a problem on Rendering in PCB file on Pov-ray software. I want to know how to set the camera, spline, and Flight path.. If you any one to know this, how to set and where ? In Eagle3D or in Pov-ray? Please help me......Thanks in Advance......Manoj Soorya from Kerala, India
In earlier versions you can use a macro to draw an equation based curve. For example (untested) With spline .Reset "name" .Curve "curve_name" .Point 0,0 For x = 0 To END y = x^2 .LineTo x,y Next .Create End With
i need a search about spline tajectory planning of robot manipulator
high i will be very greatfull if any one have some think about (spline tajectory of manipulator robot )
polynomial method is very slow. use precomputed table (may be with linear or spline approximation beteen points depends on needed accuracy, available memory and calculating power).
Hi Everybody, We can easily draw 2D/3D curves with polygon/spline and some simple 3D solids in CST. But how can we draw an arbitrary 3D surface in CST? For example, how to put the following Matlab draw 3D surface into CST? Matlab code: /--------------------------------------------------------------------- function saddle_surf
Hi, I think it is very useful for you to use spline toolbox. please follow the matlab help on this toolbox.
hi.. anybody knows about B-spline coefficients computation for speech signal? i need it.. since am doing my project in estimation of instantaneous pitch of speech signal.. using matlab simulation
Hello LaszloF, The best way to do tthat with the finest accuracy is to use a spline interpolation of your points. Take a look at : The algorithm to use for it is simple to implement. You can take an example in the Numerical Recipies. See in: the chap