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i dont want to use VPULSE coz its impractical Impractical in which sense? Maybe the thread title is just misleading. If you want to design a hardware generator, it's essentially not a pspice problem. You can e.g. use a crystal oscillator with square wave output.
Hey friends looking for a Inverter circuit with 12v dc to 50 hz 220v in pspice simulation Hi adizues Sine wave inverter or square wave inverter ? if you need square wave inverter then it will be so simple to simulate it in pspice but if you need a sine (...)
I don't have Orcad but I'll try and answer some of your problems. If your simulation won't run it's probably because you have not set up what "type" of simulation you want to , DC , transient etc. In your drawing the icon/button 2 to the left is probably where you set it up. You will want transient. VPulse will work fine for what you want t
Hi, I need to have a square wave source that have frequency step. That's mean like I vary the frequency of the source by increasing or decreasing it. Did anyone know how can I do it in pspice?
I am trying to run this circuit on pspice.I use a square wave as input.The output should be a triangular pulse.Does anyone know if there is a mistake? Thank you
Bsically it's a square wave with PW = 0.5 ms and TD = -0.25 ms. If pspice doesn't accept a negative TD value, you have to combine two VPULSE sources.
Hi all, I am trying to simulate (in pspice schematics) a square wave generator, output of which is fed to an integrator. When I simulate the circuit, it is paused, and it says that the supply currents failed to converge. Can anyone please let me know what that means and how i need to correct this problem. Thanks