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Presumably those address and sense lines go to other circuitry (unless this is a 1-bit sram with very arbitrary I/O). Sense amp will precharge the sense lines during read cycle, and leakage does who-knows-what in the meantime. There may be convergence-aiding conductances in the matrix that do not appear in your schematic, the simulator may add t
Hi All, Why it's necessary to open/close pages while working with sram? What does it mean? What does the term "precharge" mean in terms of sram? What does the term "bank" mean in terms of sram? Does saying "close the sram bank" mean the same as "close the sram row"? Thank you!
hello, I am creating a 4x4 6T sram array and i want to know that 1) what will be the idle writing and reading time for which the word line should high for 6T sram? 2)whenever i turn on the wordline after precharge the bitline and bitline bar gets discharged frequently why?
Hi What are the typical values of Capacitors of BitLine and Bitline Bar in a 6T conventional sram cell in 16nm PTM? thanks
Hi, I have designed a 6T sram cell along with precharge circuit as depicted in attached Fig. However, I dont know what pulse is appropriate for the gate of precharge circuit (ΦB`) since precharge circuit bears the responsibility of making both BL and BLB high only before read action. plz help. thanks a lot. 112612[
Which sram architecture? Clocked or self-timed? Also, see here!
Look up sram butterfly curves. You can't have all the transistors in the 6T cell as minimum.
I'm having trouble understanding the purpose of precharging the BLs during a read operation of a traditional sram. Is it because after a previous operation you want a common starting point (both bit lines being 1) so the sense amplifier can begin to sense the change in the BLs? Thanks everyone. I love this community.
Hi all, I have a question about write operation of 6T sram I know for sram read: phy2 : precharge both bitlines high phy1 : Then turn on wordline, One of the two bitlines will be pulled down by the cell for sram write, my question is that during phy2, does the bitline and bitline_bar need to be (...)
For read operation, we need a precharge circuit to charge the bit lines. I know the precharge circuit for two bit lines. My question: How the precharge circuit for single bit line would look like???
can someone give info on the timers used in large sram arrays to synchronize the precharge(enable and disable),sense amp enable and disable in the same clock period. to use dummy slices or sdls to genrate the timers etc...
Hi.. As I understand question was regarding PMOS size in sram cell. As PMOS size is decreased in sram the stability of sram cell decreases. As per the critical path in sram I would suggest that it is not straight forward. There are 2 paths which are in race. 1.. Clock to Row Selection 2. Clock to (...)
In sram cells, we usually precharge the bit lines. We may use the p-type devices to precharge to full VDD. But does it improve only the writes and reads for logic 1, and makes slow memory access for logic 0? How can we handle the situation?