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Thanks srizbf & badea No actually, I want to read the status on FPGA. just write uC for information. so \i have to pull-up with 3.3v for FPGA pins read.
You are operating LM358 with +5v only. Proper biasing is necessary for this configuration. The LM358 can work fine with a supply as low as 3.0V. The circuit here is biased properly. In the above comparator circuit, i am only getting 4V at the output instead of 5V. Why i am not getting
one option is to modify the base resistor(10k) of the pnp 2n2907. experiment with 15k , 18k, 22k etc and increase in small increments till the brightness and power consumption meets your requirement. No a higher value (eg 22k) has no visual effect. However an even higher value (eg 100k) switches on the first two leds
it is bus request based transaction. interrupt is card dependent and usage is based on the particular (c)pci device. So interrupt is generated when a CPCI card is plugged in?
those are the commandline parameters for the 'make' program in the batch file. Can you elaborate it more with example.
We ask again: can you give the circuit on which you have conducted the test ? And that statement: "take any circuit..." is sure confusing.
pin no 7 is the demodulated signal o/p. if 565 is connected with proper pll setup , you will get the reqd output. so we can't directly get a demodulated signal from that pin ?
in 3 phase , the lines are referred as:R, G and B lines. if you take R line and its voltage is taken as reference (0 degrees), the G line lags behind by 120degrees. Really it is "G" ?? All these years I knew 3Phase systems are refered only as Red, "Y"ellow, Blue. Does it varies across countries? i did'nt know
it looks like it is eq to atmel 2051. then any 8051 compiler can be used with include <2051.h> is it a dip package ? do you have manufacturer datasheet? ---------- Post added at 19:54 ---------- Previous post was at 19:45 ---------- it looks like it is eq to atmel 2051. then any 8051
for visualisation of c++ objects , use 'doxygen' . it is free and for all platforms. quoting from doxygen site.... .... You can also visualize the relations between the various elements by means of include dependency graphs, inheritance diagrams, and collaboration diagrams, which are all generated automatically. here is you
Rolling your own headers is one possibility, but as stated by srizbf, you'll need to make sure that the pitch of the female headers matches your displays. It's still quite a bit time consuming, though, as for each connection you need to strip the wire, insert it in the female header, crimp it, then stick it in the plastic holder. Believe me, that g
Thanks @ srizbf & bigdogguru. The problem is solved.... (I am not marking the thread as solved because I would like to ask all MSPGCC related doubts in this thread)
As srizbf indicated the 68HC16 incorporates a 16 bit core, aka CORE16. However, it did provide a crossover between the 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs). Freescale 68HC16 It is now produced by a few companies including
for plots, it is just log to base 10. Then, if we plot log base 10 of BER, it will not be a function of SNR(dB) but a SNR(dB)/10, right? I see inconsistency here!!
for programming 89s52 a simple usb programmer that i came across is this: you cannot find any circuit simpler than this for programming through usb Yes, But it is hard to find 89c5131 You can get atmega8 all over
bfr90 or bfr91 ? so easy? sounds nice I consider this circuit High gain antenna amplifier rf amplifier | Electronics Projects , Electronic Circuits Diagrams and Schematics could they be interchanged? BF200 has a gpe of 45db
a way of winding armature coils. for a wave wound the no.of paths is always 2. for lap , it is equal to the no of poles. Thanks for reply.
the accuracy is dependent on Q I think you meant to say the selectivity is dependant on Q. So high Q means high selectivity. This is probably too much information, but have a look here: RLC circuit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Keith.
check whether the directory "/bin/time" has any additional space as: "/bin/time " This is just the UNIX time report facility, either "on" by default, or called extra by % time hspice ... /bin/time /import/cadence/ic/tools/dfII/sparc0S5/hspice fourbit_addr_layout.sp warning: rid
one must know the arm instruction operations , to effectively code in c for arm processors. without knowing the basic arm assembly, writng in c alone will not help in developing serious projects. Please allow me to challenge this statement. If you are good in "C", there is no real need to get into the ARM ASM to get