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Define feedforward system, define absolute stable... Commonly, ffwd system means an open loop control system without any feed back. As far as I'm aware of, "absolute stability" is an algebraic rather than control theory term. In so far I'm not sure what's it's expected to mean in this (...)
Is the above rule a sufficient condition for MIMO feedback stability?You can not understand contents I posted at all. Modern control theory is surely useful for judging stability of MIMO system. Your complex filter is formulated by using state space variable equations. So modern control theory is (...)
stability is a time domain measure of overshoot with oscillation from either stimulus; step or impulse. However control system design is usually done in frequency domain. It is a result of negative feedback network with a sensor based on rotational or linear position, velocity and acceleration compared with desired profile. Current contro
PID control needs specs to define , system step error response, overshoot under worst case gain and time lag and rate of change of disturbance response Impulse error response ( like opening door on ice cold day) For stability , frequency / phase margin is used to determine correct feedback signal conditioning and gain to optimize speed, (...)
Can you help me compare these results? They're the simulations of a closed loop system . When we change the poles, (in this case, there are 4 poles), the response system also changes. The 4 poles involves 2 complex numbers and 2 integers, but I don't see the relationship between the poles and the response. I don't see an exact description. I mean,
Whats the need of studying control system in electronics? Feedback is one of the basic principles applied in electronics. Connected with the principle of feedback are the terms "feedback loop", "loop gain", "closed-loop gain", "stability", "stability margin". The theory behind all these parameters is provided by s
i know for stability we need positive PM GM . that means at -180 degree gain should be negative(in decibels) for stable systems . From where this arrives i mean why -180 ?? i read somewhere that after -180 degree NEGATIVE FEEDBACK BECOMES POSITIVE FEEDBACK and if at that time gain >1 than system will oscillate and become unstable ?? why (...)
Hi, I am interested to know, which plot(Ny, Bode, Nichols, RH, etc) of control systems will be more accurate and absolute in describing stability (Open loop and for closed loop if compensator is added) of a system and why .......? *All plots are (resp. can be) "accurate". *However, if you are interested in sta
what is meant by impulse response? why we use it to study to character of the signal that is study the linearity,stability etc? why it is called ideal system to study? plz help i hav read signa sys,control etc but i hav yet not understand this problem
hello all my friend! I am learning about of temperature control using microcontroller. I have a problem to control the stability of the system in desire set point temperature using PID control method. How to find or simulate a K,Td and Ti parameters of K-type thermocouple in Ziegler (...)
Hi all , Can any one give me the references for doing the stability analysis if there are multiple feedback loops (i have two feedback loops in my circuit ) in circuit ... Thanks in advance
I think you should study theory of control. because you will meet the question of stability when you do dc/dc. The most dc/dc is a nonliear system, and is feedback loop.
Have anyone have the method for look to the Routh table for the stability in control system. for know about the left half-plane (lhp), right half-plane(rhp) n jω? if u have can u upload for me? thanks!
Who can tell me what is stability? I often see the right-half-plane used to determine whether a circuit is stable. Who can tell me how to use this technology and what it is?
Without it control system will paralise itself. It heavily depends on Transfer Function.. for stability purpose....
Hi , In this case u need not worry about the loop gain as the second pole occurs after unity gain freq. First and foremost is that system with two poles (one zero also-so need not worry at all) wont oscillate as the system can oscillate only on theoritical ∞ freq. Minimum of three poles shd be there to cause a stability (...)
Can anything be decisively said about Phase Margin in freq domain on seeing the percentage overshoot OR settling time in time domain? thanks
One problem with the feedback approach is the nonlinearity and hysteresis involved in the mechanical portion. Even very small amounts of these will cause stability problems in the control system. In the stepper motor approach you can gear down the drive so that the increments of motion are smaller than the specification for surface (...)