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Only PM is necessary but insufficient condition for the stability of a system.Root Locus and Bode Plots should also be examined.Overshoot is a kind of stability fact and generally not desired.
Hello Friends, I am designing a Charge sensitive amplifier and would like to study about the stability. we know, A/1+AB where AB is the open loop gain. If AB is equal to -1 then the system will oscillate. How would I know that AB will be equal -1. Please tell me the process to calculate. A= G sCdRf/ 1+sRf( Cd+Cf) B= 1+sRfCf/sRfCd... P
Considering that the cable is already constituided by metal on its compostition, your detector should be able to determine a differential variation in the EM field, so the threshold adjust aswell stability of analog circuitry could be an issue. In continous prodution processes, QC is better achieved by visual system sensors, although on this approa
Define feedforward system, define absolute stable... Commonly, ffwd system means an open loop control system without any feed back. As far as I'm aware of, "absolute stability" is an algebraic rather than control theory term. In so far I'm not sure what's it's expected to mean in this context. For control (...)
Is the above rule a sufficient condition for MIMO feedback stability?You can not understand contents I posted at all. Modern control theory is surely useful for judging stability of MIMO system. Your complex filter is formulated by using state space variable equations. So modern control theory is straight for
A system can have any number of poles and zeros below the unity gain crossover. For stability, we need only a good first order roll off around unity gain crossover. Your example of (1+s/wz)/s^2/wu^2 is perfectly stable. This is what happens in a pll or in a multipath opamp/feedforward opamp. Another example (1+s)^2/s^3. One cannot determine stabil
How to do stability analysis for multi loop system? Any suggested Papers for this? As far as I know - it is really a problem to find suitable answers. According to my experience we can say the following: * A multi-loop feedback system has more than one single feedback loop (that`s logical). In most cases, we c
Hi i have attached an image of a very simple op-amp. I am learning the basics of op-amp. 130712 The 1st image we have the opamp amplifying the difference of the two inputs and therefore the output voltage, X = 0.99 which is depicted in figure 2. I was taught (just a simple example as such) that now if you take the diffe
You must have > 2 samples per Hz of loop bandwidth for frequency accuracy and much more for phase stability. Try 960 samples per cycle but only compute 60 times per second using algorithm to process incremental delayed samples. or get a fast Linux OS real time simulator. Which Uni are you at? - - - Updated - - -[/SIZ
The stability of any feedback system for voltage and current is challenging from no load to full load or dynamic non-linear loads, lab supplies with these features tend to be more complex. This is similar to the feedback gain going from 0 to
Hi All, I am a newbie in the field of electronics but have enthusiasm to learn and build. I have a project I am involve in which needs from us to build a high-resistance sensor measurement system. The sensor, because of the in-stability of fabrication, can have a baseline resistance between 10MOhm to 70MOhm. The quest here is to measure the abo
Hello everybody I have a problem, about stability region of the continues system that's has been discreted. I would appreciate if you could answer my question. I have a circuit that including several capacitance, inductance, and resistance. I get the A (state space matrix) of the system and then discrete this matrix by Backward Euler (...)
You can model everything as linear blocks to perform an AC (small signal) stability analysis (either by calculation or simulation). For example, the PWM part of the circuit converts the error voltage to a PWM duty-cycle which generates a voltage at the converter output as determined by the input voltage and the duty-cycle. So you calculate what t
Don't care about the phase near switching frequency and above. The system can't be described as time-continuous and analyzed with bode plot in this range. The results above 50 kHz are effectively meaningless for stability analysis. The basic problem is that you have no phase margin according to bode plot. Step response is respectively bad. You s
Which is better ? mikroElectronika's mikroMedia for PIC32 or mikroMedia for STM32 ? I need speed and stability. I am making a security system and want to use TFT and Touchscreen. mikroMedia boards have TFT+Touchscreen and they are stackable. I will be also using mikroBus Shield for mikroMedia and I will be plugging GSM2 Click and GPS Click to th
stability is criteria that begs a requirement for functional performance on overshoot, ripple, jitter etc. This is what drives the stability gain and phase margin. But also note that the margin changes with opearting conditions that affect SNR or load/capacity ratio or some other gain factor. If you know how to generate worst case conditions,
Hi, I am designing a Flyback converter. I want to understand the inference of stability analysis related to power supply. 1.What is the meaning of a stable system? Stable means a step load won't cause lots of ringing or oscillation from a non-linear or capacitive load or any desired load it
Alexandra - it seems that you are simulating the closed-loop system, correct? However, because you were speaking about stability margins - are you aware that stability margin simulations require loop gain analyses?
stability is a time domain measure of overshoot with oscillation from either stimulus; step or impulse. However Control system design is usually done in frequency domain. It is a result of negative feedback network with a sensor based on rotational or linear position, velocity and acceleration compared with desired profile. Current contro
PID control needs specs to define , system step error response, overshoot under worst case gain and time lag and rate of change of disturbance response Impulse error response ( like opening door on ice cold day) For stability , frequency / phase margin is used to determine correct feedback signal conditioning and gain to optimize speed, (...)