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The zener diodes produce distortion and the simple two RC filters will not reduce the distortion much. Yes - it is a kind of hard-limiting (clipping). More than that, it is a bad stabilization scheme because varying the feedback resistance of the first-order allpass (caused by rising amplitudes) influences also the
Hello fellas, I'm performing some measuremennts with a laser diode, testing the spatial response of a photodiode. Since my measurements are not as accurate as I would like them to be, I want to use a power stabilization system to achieve some improvement. The thing is that some devices are already available because one person did this before me.
auto-zeroing techniques will be used to minimize the opamp.or chopper stabilization. theory of auto-zeroing can be studied by razavi and geiger.
Usually Instrumentation amplifiers are for amplifying low frequency signals. So the offset voltage and 1/f noise of the opamps are the biggest concerns (usually). So if you want to use a CMOS process for you design, you may have to use autozeroing or chopper stabilization to eliminate the offset and 1/f noise of opamps. opamp
I think that its BW is not important coz it is needed for stabilization and also there r no frequencies in the bandgap circuit u care about U can send this topic in the Analog Design forum to get more replies
Refer to Ch. 13 in Razavi's book. Autozeroing,DC feedback loop,or Chopper stabilization.