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there are several options. 1. Implement a TCP/IP stack and use the FTP protocol to transfer files to the sdcard. This method may seem cumbersome but since you have a ethernet port on the system a TCP/IP stack may be the best solution. 2. Instead of implementing TCP protocol, which is quite complicated, you could use UDP instead and make your own
For now, pretend all memory is of one type. Ignore 'cache'. Read a book (you're going to have to) to understand the basic operation of a computer. You'll learn a lot just going for an old (1980's book) on computing. To learn the usefulness of cache and modern computing concepts, you can then follow up with another book - a book by Hennesey and
One method would be to initiate a FTP transfer. I believe there are examples demonstrating the use of the FTP Protocol by the Microchip TCP/IP stack. BigDog
I would like to design a stackable motherboard. I would like to pitch the design idea to a MFG of motherboards, to get a prototype. Need help to if this is possible
describe the use of stack ? What are the purpose of j,jal and jr instruction and why are they needed for these purposes respectively . anybody know how to do this question?
We are starting an application on a standard Linux distribution (like Fedora Core 5) running on a PC or a Single board computer that involves transferring of data over Ethernet at millisecond intervals and storing this on some media like HDD, Flash drive. What all aspects should be consider? How to check if the Linux stack can handle packets at
why can't you go for simple parallel port,serial port interfacing. If you want to use ethernet port interfacing with computer, it is a tough task. I had done it earlier with RTL8019AS,for that you had to implement TCP/IP stack on AVR which is complicated. If you want to use open source, search 'uip' in google, then you will get help, if you don't
Here is an example stack implementation using shift registers. Overflow and underflow flags are not added for simplicity. One can also implement stack with memory and a counter. Refer to J. P. Hayes, computer Architecture and Organization. Hope this helps! module stack( // Outputs dout, // Inputs (...)
If your controller can it, simply load pc (programm counter) with the new ram adress, or make a call and then manipulate the stack, or make a software interrupt or ... Gomez
I believe that depends on the impedence and how you stack up your PCB. DDR i believe u need to maintain 50ohms on the transmission line....
Hi, are there specific FIFO/LIFO componets used for computer or ASIC designs? Here I mean that these FIFO/LIFO componets are not implemented using RAM just like in computer Software nomenclature (Queue/stack) or ASIC filed just implemented using Registers/Register Files / RAMS with wrappers. Thanks in advance! Thomson
Well, First of all, USB is not that boring! it has come from some sort of TELCO world, which is slightly different from computer science camp which makes the entire protocol stack slightly strange. second, if you ever intend to use any of the FTDI chip family (FT232, FT245, FT2232 are the most well known and the most recent) you do not need to know
Very nice! How did you do to connect your atmega to internet??? Did you implement tcp/ip stack, etc... S.