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Hi, A simple ADC has no gain. But some do have an varaible input gains stage. Are you talking about this? *** Generally: A photodiode usually "generates" some current. An ADC input usually has an input voltage range. Therefore you need to transform the current into voltage. In a simple case this could be done with a resistor. B
Hi, once upon a time I have experimented with an LDR ans a light modulated LED pointing towards it. This made a small audio amplifier stage. Does anyone have any documents related to this type of amplifier (that is not mentioned in wikipedia anyway).
I designed something similar a few years ago but it never reached the prototyping stage. It used a PIC12F683, you are welcome to the source code if you want it. My design worked the other way around, the light was turned on by a momentary push-button and while the bike was in motion it ran the light at full brightness in the assumption (...)
Microcampere to volts in a single amplifier stage isn't a problem for kHz frequencies, presumed the ambient light doesn't cause DC currents larger than microamperes. That's somehow unlikely. I would definitely expect a maximum Idc specification. Another point is that you stated maximum signal amplitude of 5 ?A. What's minimal detectable amplitud
From what you describe you need two stages of timers. 1: delay after initial sound begins (or ends?) 2: 'on' time for activating equipment It may be easiest to use a second 555 IC. There's the 556 which contains two 555 in one package. Otherwise if you are willing to experiment, you can use a simple RC combination and find the correct v
Sorry, I think I posted in the wrong spot earlier, please delete dup post. Hello, I have a unit that is used for staging BMX bikes. The unit controls the cadance, gate, and has internal LED lights to stage the riders when to "go". The unit has a port for an external light stand, and while trying to build an external (...)
Hello there, In the place and route stage, I have to fill in the metal 1 spacing and metal 2 spacing. However I don't know how to deduce these values. I'm looking at its LEF file, but don't know at what I should be looking for. Can anyone please shed some light please ?
Hi, all: please look at this circuit which can be found in the book writed by Gray. I do not know: 1. why this can improve the output swing, 2. why a large bandwith can prevent the crossover distortion? 3. why increase the quiescent current can reduce the crossover distortion? Help me! thanx!!!
You should be able to tell the frequency range of the signal. Usually DC signals are from sensors that measure static values, such as solar light level or pH. Or such things as monitoring a battery voltage. AC coupled amplifiers do not have much problem with bias drift because each stage is capacitivly or transformer coupled to the (...)
Tandy/Radio Shack sells photo resistors. Make a bridge circuit with an op amp stage. Then you will need some comparators to detect the different voltage levels and each comparator can drive a LED.