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"What do you mean with "smooth"? Describe it." Right now I can see the stairs on oscilloscope on certain parts of the sine-wave. I can measure up tp 30mV height for one step. I would like to have it 1mV. I use a look-up table with only 100 entries. I could probably go up to 175 entries, but not more. I am limited by I2C speed, which I can run up
Hello. I need sensor for led stairs, but i can't find proper sensor...PIR do not fit here because of very high angle. I need very narrow beam sensor, for first step cross detection. Maybe someone know what would be the best solution? Thanks!
I think generally you will want to stay on M6 as much as possible for series resistance and shunt capacitance reasons. A good planarized process ought to not care whether you take the stairs or the elevator shaft. But that can be a question - are stacked vias going to cost you any yield or reliability relative to non-coincident? That comes down
Hi, I designed UWB printed rectangular miniturized antenna. I cut it at the lower corners of the antenna(like stairs). Now my question is: how to say that I have redused this antenna by let say 20%? which parameters should I consider to understand about this percentage? please I need help Zuhura
hello I want a programme in the c++ language or others that can make the mobile gives different tune in each different place I mean I want my cell phone gives a tune when it receives a call in the kitchen for example and another tune in the bedroom and other on the stairs and so on after I limit the dimensions of these positions by using the GPS
I told my family doctor that when I walk across the street then I have a little pain in my upper chest. My doc said it is not my heart up there. Two months later after walking quickly up and down the stairs at home I had a serious and painful heart attack. If I was out walking my dogs then I would have died. My wife quickly drove me to the local
i am new in mechanical. i got stair climbing robot with tracks. dimension is 60cm*40cm*13cm. it's weight is 13.1kg. i got two motors at two ends. does this specification of motor can climb the robot to stairs.motor is power window motor(gear motor) with rated torque and stall torque
Hi, I am planning to make some light for the stairs. using infrared, PIC and led. In 1st phase, with motion or proximity sensor, lights (led) will be ON for specific time then off. 2nd phase, part of the light will be as the person moves on the light will glow....and when person passes the area completely lights are off. looki
I found 3w cfl in market. Bought a cartoon to put as nigh lamp, in stairs and here and there replacing high power CFLs to conserve energy.Within a week it was found that most of them turned black at their ends with diminished light. Some of them even failed to lit. I opened them and found similar type of circuit inside instead of hi-frequency switc
Light of presented device is produced by 8 LEDs placed under the handrail, 3 in the lower part, 3 in the upper part and 2 on the mezzanine. How it works: When you go upstairs, the phototransistor (infrar
This device is a solution for night lighting of places such as stairs, corridor etc. It turns light on for the time of going up or down stairs and automatically turns off after time set when running autonomous (batte
Few examples to find idea... Robot climbs stairs - YouTube B2P2 robot climbing stairs - YouTube Stair Climbing Robot from 2011 Science Fair - YouTube [url=www.y
A pointed tip is just the thing for very fine work. Is your station portable? Got everything you need with it? Portability is a plus. (I recall making trips up and down stairs to fetch tools I forgot.) Flux? Sponge or wire pad? Solder? Component holder with alligator clips and magnifying glass? Razor blade? Needle-nose pliers? Extension cord? By n
use stairs(t,x), where t is your time vector and x is your data.
The project started with a model on a contact board. Next was PCB. The whole device was self
Hi I have a set of discrete values say 10 however I wish to make this 100 values as the ten values all step to each other. Using the stairs(x,y) command I can visualise however I need to expand the y values to 100 so that I can subtract the stair wave from a sine wave which has 100 elements. Regards thaitam
im building a boat. we are filling the interior with cool white LED scripts, going down the stairs, under cabinets leading to the bathroom, closets, everywhere. one of the things i would like to do is hook up each zone to an optical motion sensor switch. similar to security lights you would put in your back yard, it sees motion, it turns on and
Is there an E-field probe that you did not draw? Those "stairs" are quarter wave impedance transform sections. You choose the wave impedance to match the end impedance. Mathaie, Young, and Jones have a section on such transformers. Other older papers exist with titles like "chebychev impedance transformers", etc.
hi friends,Im having a project to install electrical wiring for one floor residential house. My plan was to isolate ground and first floor with different Distribution boards.All the security lights and stairs lights will be accomodated by ground floor Unit. Is there any body to help me for standard basic structure to let me find this work easier.
hi, i am simulating an adc for getting the inl and dnl characteristics. at the staircase output, i always see peaks at the starting points of some stairs which affect the dnl and inl data of my script, which calculates these datas by getting the staircase output data. which spectre parameter can help me avoiding peaks? thanks in advance
Ladder - do you mean a waveform that looks like stairs? You could feed several short current pulses into a capacitor. Then another pulse that somehow discharges the capacitor.