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If you want the PC endlessly sending the time to the microcontroller without need of any request from it, perhaps you could think about to run there a PING command (you can call it in such a manner to keep running, no stop). If I'm correct, at the ICMP datagram there is a field with the time stamp of the sender. Not sure it it is a suited approach,
Nobody can help you with just scarce informations and a diagram at the size of a postage stamp :roll:. Show what you have, what you tried, what you expected and what you got instead. It won't work if you are not willing to invest at least a little of your own sweat.
There are so many modules in the segment. I have used tws434a for my robot. Visit PicBasic Pro,PicBasic,Basic stamp,PIC Micro,and 8051 microcontroller Projects
Hii, I did the interfacing between PLC and microcontroller. I use LG PLC series Master K and microcontroller Basic stamp series BS2P. At first i wanna communicate using standar serial UART 232, but I tried to find the ladder function of this but i didn't find it. So I did it with my way. I use Parallel interfacing ( not (...)
Since it appears that you are new to micro controllers, Pick a Basic stamp. It will do exactly want you want, programs easily, has lots of on line support, and is cost effective. There are numerous examples to look at for a digital door lock on line in the stamp forums. Hope this helps, Red
what is it you like to do? which microcontroller you want to use/ pic atmel basic stamp let me know to help you good luck
I am thinking about my next generation wireless remote control application. My present app uses a Parallax stamp BS2px with a wireless transceiver and an RS232-ethernet interface module. My design is way too expensive, so I've got my eye on a new RF transceiver, and I'm having some trouble deciding on an 8 bit MCU to go with it. My requirements
Javelin stamp can be programmed in java, but also costs more than it tastes. From a generic POW, java microcontrollers are incredible inefficient.. It is really worth the effort to get started with C.
hello... i need help Boe Bot, Basic stamp 2 act as a microcontroller to control the Boe Bot...PIC16C57 is part of Boe i want know which pin in PIC16C57 can interface or connect to parallax continuous servo motor to drive the servo motor???...this is because as i know in Basic stamp 2 don't have IC motor driver to drive the servo
Hello Guys! I am using Boe-Bot CMUcam for my robot but I am not using Basic stamp as the brain of my microcontroller. Instead of Basic stamp, I am using 68HC11 for my robot. I am trying to find out the pin detail for this "Boe-Bot CMUcam" to interface it serially with my microcontroller. Can any one provide me either (...)
hi proteus support basic stamp chip, furher the best is basic stamp BS2P40 chip is the best see attach file basic stamp running in proteus regards Fragrance
Hope this helps, Bob Bob, I'm not rude but please don't waste your energy. Just click on link and take a look at the time stamp of posts. Nevertheless the wide range of interested fields covered in so tight amount of time.
Hi, I've never used 'PICbasic' so I'm hardly an expert, but all I did was search google for 'PICbasci POT cammand'. Any microcontroller can measure resistance, without the aid of an A/D convertor. If you have a resistor, put it in series with a