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Ask this to yourself... If you write the code of a 2:1 MUX, when can you say it is working properly? Of course not b4 you have tested it, and you need a tb to test it. The same is the case of a dw lib. For standalone fn verification you have to write a test-bench for it. Generally these dw IPs are used as part of a bigger (...)
Hello Klaus Thanks for your response, We have Earth connections and all are connected to star connection to it and other filter on Power supply end. Actually the test station is Automated test equipment & i have 3 such kind of station .. I am facing trouble with only one test station. there is the test by name Audio (...)
How do you mean battery? There is no battery in smoke alarm sensors. They get power over wires. testing of sensors is done periodicaly, can be every day, and test signalisation can be some LE diode on smoke sensor case. Maybe you have portable and standalone smoke sensor. Best way is to change battery every year, and use quality alkaline (...)
How to test DDR2 in standalone mode which has been interface in Ping Pong config with FPGA
does anyone test (and use) this chip ? was it with texas dev board or in standalone ? regards.
Please specify what you mean by ADC test. do you need to check a standalone ADC chip or built in ADC unit inside a microcontroller? Hardware or Firmware test? please specify.
hia.. insuffecient details... where you trying to feed the chain models?. standalone?