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hello, i want to know briefly about high density , routing track, multi channel to design standard cell in IC in VLSI.please help me...... such as........... 1.what is high density ? 2.what is its purpose to design standard cell? 3.advantages.... what is (...)
Hi, I am working for standard cell layout. Can anyone please explain me what is Active density and what will happen if Active density in not uniform? regards, P.Rao
i am new in standard cell layouts and working on high density std cells. so are there any guidelines to follow during this pin placement?
It would purely depend upon your scenario, some of which could be : You can add additional power stripes at the hotspot. If you found hotspot around macros (usually power hungry macros like PLL, analog macros) , you can make power rings around your macro. If your standard cell density is huge at the hotspot, try adding some partial (...)
This can be due to high standard cell density in that particular area where buffer is placed.
You really should learn how to ask the question. Without the details on what you did, nobody has idea what caused the high utilization. Increased to 116% from what % ? How much you increased the die ? How much of standard cell area was increased by ? How much blockage area you have ? What's the starting utilization ? What's the timing viols
Hi, You can use density screens to control standard cell placement density in certain areas where there is high routing congestion. Use the Add density Screens tool to create a screen over the highly congested area. Check out: createdensityArea
Hi, what decides the height of the standard cell? Thanks, yaasi
Hi, First thing is that the width of the standard cell is not fixed, but you need to make it as compact as possible. And in fixing the height of the standard cell requires lot of study on performance of CMOS behavior for particular technology. you need to evaluate on the requirements such as performance, (...)
Hi all!! I'm working on cadnece soc encounter 5.2 for a small design. I want to adjust standard cell row height to '0' in the step floorplan--->specify floorplan page. I get ERROR: density too high. Stopping detail placement in the konsole window of the tool after step place-->standard (...)
Hi All, We have designed 65nm technology for 12 - Track and 7 - Track cell height. But they have mentioned that 12- Track is high speed library and 7 ?Track is ultra high density library. So I want to know that difference between high-speed and high density cells