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I'm wondering if I can get some help interpreting a part of the ATEX standard (iec 60079-18)? I am designing a PCB for ATEX certifcation, encapsulated type 'mb'. Under 'minimum distances' (page 23-24) there is a table (5) and diagram (figure 2) of the PCB stack-up. In my case, from the diagram and text it basically states that,
I'm not aware of any power quality/EMC standard that specifies a power factor requirement of 0.99. But you can "surely" name it? iec 1000-3-2 applicable for single phase equipment specifies individual harmonic current limits rather than a total power factor.
I wonder according to which standard a HDMI interface is required to withstand surge events? Applying iec 1000-4-5, no surge test is advised for data lines up to 10 m, up to 30 m under special circumstances. I guess you'll have serious difficulties to achieve immunity for non-isolated high speed interfaces.
Hello, I wish to design a simple residual voltage meter for Clause 22.5 of iec 60335-1? I do not have Access to this standard yet but at the end I will need (as far as I know): - a controllabe switch between 230Vac source and a load. That switch must be possible to switch off at peak of the sinus and leackage of the switch must be very low
Hi guys, I'm in the middle of designing of an input filter for a power supply with an active PFC circuit. The power supply needs to comply with iec 61000-3-2 for conducted emissions. I'm reading through the standard, but I'm having difficulties finding anything on the high frequency parts. The maximum harmonic limited is the 40-th which at 60Hz
hi, has anyone got the iec standard related to polyethylene insulated telephone cable?
Both programmers use the C language. Will they both use type "float" ? If so, how would the compiler know what representation type to use? Why don't you refer to the C-standard (C-99, ANSI C) which answers (at least most of) your questions? It specifies types float and double with reference to iec 60559, which is roughly an
The C standard does not specify if char signed or unsigned. More exactly, ANSI C (ISO/iec 9899) says: If the value of an object of type char is treated as a signed integer when used in an expression, the value of CHAR_MIN shall be the same as that of SCHAR_MIN and the value of CHAR_MAX shall be the same as that of SCHAR_MA
iec standards!!!! The footprint standard for surface mount devices is IPC-7351 if you are serious about PCB design I would recommend getting to know this standard. As to microvias, generally based on a 0.1mm pad with a 0.3mm target your case and mine in the past I have done a micro via with a land the same size as the width (...)
For larger range, you would preferably use ISO/iec 15693 instead of 14443. It's specified Hmin is only on-tenth of th eformer standard. Achieving ranges over 2 or 3 m will require large coupler coils and high reader power. In so far it's questionable tha the solution will be less costly than UHF radio. It has it's advantages if you have a large num
iec-958 is the standard based on the following
Hi i have very basic/fundamental question ! We design product for CE certification . That includes surge requierment (iec 61000-4-5). If we look at the standard it safecify pulse voltage , source resistor , timing at 25degC . The satndard also talks of some variation , too. It's easy to design for 500V/2 ohm surge with all this variation and
dear all We are trying to set up a calibration procedure for the measurement of transfer Impedance of ESD Target. For this we are following the iec 61000-4-2 edition 2 standard. This procedure is based on the set up given in this standard. In the set up, a current source is given at the input side which gives the current to the target . (...)
I was going through the application note by NXP regarding the implementation of the medical alarm based on the iec 60601-1-8 standard. It says that the hardware to be used is a DAC followed by a filter. I was wondering if I'd need a codec or some sort of an audio amplifier before I use the speakers. Also, if I do implement this algorithm, can
What says iec 317 51 for copper wire ?
While viewing the iec standard 60502, I see the word reserved in the part-3. What it means? I think may be reserved for future use or have different meaning? Here is the text below. iec 60502 consists of the following parts, under the general title Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1 kV (...)
Did you notice that both device specifications are referring to the same iec standard?
I am working on FPGA based relays. Now want to communicate that relay with other or central control station. We are now need the frame format of any relay communication standard as 61850 or any other and each field of that frame format whether it require float value or integer value or any other. What should be width of each fie
Hello forum, Can anyone explain or refer me a link listing iec standards based on electronic products.For an instance,iec 61000-EMC standards. I want to know what "61" indicates???Is it a separate family holding a particular field.(i.e, DAQ's,PLC etc..) I just want that particular information.Please,explain me about (...)
Hi all, I would like to plot HEMP E1 waveform based on the iec standard, but i just don't understand why i cannot get the waveform based on the equation mentioned in the standard. I thought this is a simple equation to plot, but to my surprise, I cannot get the graph at all. Do I miss understand the meaning of the equation? It should be (...)
Look at this picture: 76833 A such ESD test can shot holes in gorilla glass, doubt any protection helps in this case. Testing for immunity to electrostatic discharge for cell phones are however done with "only" 8kV. A common standard: iec 61000-4-2 Anything that the user can touch is tested. Is there for example a USB re
Here is the defined standard by iec for domestic (230 V) supply: The nominal voltage of existing 220/380 V and 240/415 V systems shall evolve toward the recommended value of 230/400 V. The transition period should be as short as possible and should not exceed the year 2003. During this period, as a first step, the electricity supply authorities
Interesting, may I ask why you require that standard, it is not often referenced as most PCB standards revolve around the IPC standards. The IPC-T-50J October 2011 (Terms and Definitions for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits) may be of interest.
A EMC standard compliant test would mainly refer to iec 61000-4-4 burst specification. But I don't see an easy way to reproduce it with DIY methods. The test involves a burst of high voltage pulses, of e.g. 1 kV magnitude, standard 5n/50 ns shape, repetition rate up to 1 MHz. For peripheral interfaces, the standard specifies (...)
Can anybody tell me from where i can get this documents.....????
I am planning to use the BTB10-800CW Triac for a 240Vac, 5A load. The package is TO-220. It will be used for a home appliance. My colleague always tell me that I should have at least 3mm creepage distance for the high voltage part (240Vac). I double checked the requirement of the creepage distance from the iec and UL safety standard document, with
Most ticketing cards are using the Mifare (based on ISO/iec 14443A) standard. You may want to check with a contactless reader, or check for the coil resonance (about 17-19 MHz) with a grid dipper or other suitable instrument.
First you have to identify the RFID standrad implemented by the chip. ISO/iec 14443 (13.56 MHz) would be a promising candidate, but is may be also a low frequency (e.g. 125 kHz) standard, or some less common protocol. A 13.56 MHz standard would be most simply identified by trying to read out the chip with a multiprotocol RFID reader.You may (...)
6 feet distance would be in reach of an ISO/iec 15693 application (13.56 MHz, vincinity cards). But considerable reader power is needed for the range. A standard tag could have e.g. an ID1 (credit card) form factor. You didn't however give a clear specification of the intended application and it's constraints yet. P.S.: Finkenzeller, The
HI ALL WHAT IS INTERNATIONAL standard ESD CURRENT & FOR HOW MUCH TIME? INTERNATIONAL standard? you meant standards such as JEDEC or iec standard? yep, go to read HBM, MM and CDM and you can use TLP to emulate each models to extract the ESD characteristic parameters of the ESD devices.
Hi friends. I'm in urgent need for the following ISMS standard. Could anyone help me find that? ISO/iec 27003:2010 - Information technology -- Security techniques -- Information security management system implementation guidance Thanking you.
Anyone has the following standard? iec 60669-1, Switches for households and similar fixed electrical installations, General requirements. 60669-2-1, particular requirements for electrical switches 60669-2-3, particular requirements for time delayed switches Thank you
Hi everyone, I am designing a two layer board for standard 0.063 inch FR4, which will have both 230VAC high voltage components and a low voltage SELV rated area after a safety transformer. I have investigated that for my purposes (according to iec 60335-1) the creepage distance between 230VAC and low voltage must be 8 mm on the PCB. But what if
i have make some supply for medical equipments , i was not looking for standards , go for powerint PI expert you will have an idea to build transformers for flyback.
Hi, Is there anyone who is knowledgeable on how to be compliant on EMC? I am now assigned for the standardization of our product and we are now doing a test on one of the NRTLs in the US... Just want to have a deep understanding about diffferent EMC standards, can anyone give me a brief intro about these (ex. FCC, iec, ANSI, EN, e
Hi, I would like to get the iec 61000-4-2 standard, anyone? Yel
Dear All, Please tell me if anyone have soft copy for this standard. thanks
The modulation or baseband bandwidth may be different according to the used standard. ISO/iec 18000-6 (860-960 MHz) specifies bitrates of 10 to 40 kbps. Basically, the usable bandwidth is constrained by ISM regulations, thus a considerably higher bandwidth is effectively impossible.
hi. Does somebody knows if there is standard (iec Or EN) which defines the overvoltage and undervoltage for industrial application? for example, how many percetages can the voltage be over the norminal voltage. thanks in advance!
Can anyone let me know what is iec 61107 standard. If anyoune has this document than PM me or upload here. Thanks
Dear members, Somebody have or can get the following iec standard iec 61156-6 Ed. 2.0 (2007-06) Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for digital communications
Hi friends I required following standards for Non invasive blood pressure system design >> EN 1060-1 >> AAMI SP-10 >> iec 601-2-30, can anybody provide me above. Thanks in advance
i think 6.5mm to 7.0 mm required. iec-60950 standard try this link
NTSC is a US standard and PAL is Indian standard , YOu can go through a book on TV by R R Gulati.
Dear Eda board members, Could anyone please upload ISO/iec standard 13818-1 2000. *30 points* Thank you. Added after 8 minutes: Dont bother, I got it. Thanks anywayz.
I need a urgent help for having the following files: ISO/iec 14496-12: ISO media format ISO/iec 14496-14: MP4 file format ISO/iec 14496-15: AVC file format Thank you for your help!
Hi, could Anyone tell me how to get the iec61131 standard document? thx
Anyone has this standard : H264 ? ...
Dear all I would like to have iec 61131-3 Ed. 2.0 en:2003 What I am looking for is an iec standard defining: Programmable controllers - Part 3: Programming languages This part of iec 61131 specifies syntax and semantics of programming languages for programmable controllers as defined in part 1 of (...)
Hi, Can anybody tell me what is International design codes? Is it standard from iec, FCC , CE and others? Any website link? Thanks