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Not only does the ipc bridge the gap between design and manufacturing by establishing design guidelines, they also nail down the physical packages of parts based on an industry standard name. This means that an 0805 resistor from one manufacturer will fit into a pcb footprint created for an 0805 resistor initially bought from a different manufactu
hi all am new to PCB layout standards, cud anybody help me out with ipc 2221 regards dk
Can any one give a paper about this PCB quality standard!?
Some ipc standard are on MCU Fileman at /specification/ipc
Altium is using the ipc-7351 standard for their new footprints. That standard requires metric dimensions in the names of components, so the names of surface mount resistors and capacitors have changed to reflect that requirement. You can still list the alternate English uint name as a parameter that will show up in a bill of materials. (...)
Look up ipc-2221A standard in this forum. In that standard there is a chart that tells you the trace width from the current, copper thickness (in oz) and ambient temperature. Also, Google "trace width calculator" - there is a number of web-based calculators for the trace width. Here's an example of the trace width calculator: www.geoc
Search for the ipc-SM 782A footprint standard & you cannot go far wrong for this. Or the newer std from the ipc website, it has a downloadable viewer to help you.
Hello........ Is it possible,one component have more than two symbols? Anybody knows about Military standard Specification symbols?
Hi all, Could anyone please send the ipc-T-50G and ipc-D-325A documents?? I am in desperate need of these docs. I will donate 50 points for anyone who send these docs. Srinivas
you can find some of the ipc standards here
ipc-D-356 is a standardized netlist format. It is not a Gerber format. It contains information about the test points and net connections on a board. It was intended to provide a standard set of information for bare board testing. You can find the table of contents for the standard at: ODB++ is a board f
I don't understand so well what you means...but I try to answer you. At the beginning, we have used ipc-SM-782 "Surface Mount Design Land Pattern standard" that you can find on , and now we have "fix\adapt" the component pads whit the productive process. MKBS
Please get the info's from standard design rules for Rigid boards from ipc
thankyou house_cat for posting ipc2221 it was helpful to decide the spacing for high voltage lines. if u dont mind can u post the whole pdf for this standard. or mail me on
Which is the lastest version standard?
does anyone have the ipc-A-600 to share
dear fridends: now I am looking for the pcb land pattern standard. who could tell me the standards(except the ipc-SM-782) or share with me? thanks! :P
As requested:
Hai Is there any program to calculate the land pattern size(foot print) as per ipc-782 standard? has a online calculator.But I am looking for indepentant one. rishab
Hello, I'm currently working on my first full-SMD PCB. In the past I used some electrolytic capacitors like a 47?F/6V, 471?F/16V, through hole version for my PCB's. Now I'm looking for SMD versions. I need to know the size of the footprints. Are they standardized like the through hole versions. I'm looking for electrolytic c