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I think that currently the stanford university with the contribution of silicon valley are giving a 2 course in the some subject : artificial intelligence and machine learning with the best professors in the world , you have to subsrcibe in those to web site , you will get some video's home works :
Does anyone know how to estimate-evaluate VDS(sat)? For short-channel devices, VDS(sat)≠VGS-Vth. How can I estimate VDS(sat) using Gm/IDS approach and ADS simulator? Take a look at site especially page at page (8 of 21). Acco
Hello, there I believe you will get more detils like analysis and plot in the link I said. Of course, Professor Murmann in the stanford also analyzes the circuit you mentioned.
read thru lecture 8 and lecture 9 slides at following stanford ee313 vlsi course
Hi all, I am looking for RFIC courses with lots of homeworks and their solutions (which is very important). Please recommend for such courses (besides stanford's ee214) Thanks guys, Jimmy
hi i dont know much about the subject, but i am working on it . the best source for more information about the subject rae wireless and space time coding texts such as andreas goldsmith text at stanford uinvesity where yuo can downlaod the text for free from the stanford wireless communication course home (...)
better u must go throu' university sites. u can find lot of projects and codes and course materials like stanford 272 project courses
go search for the lecture notes of ee214 from stanford University.

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