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hi to every body i am looking for a copy of the stanford EE315 lecture notes, is anybody to help me?
Hello I'm studying about gm/Id methodology and need any good documents about this method, specially Boris Murmann's lecture notes in stanford. How can I provide them? tnx
Hi jenpeng I read in lecture note from professor B. Murmann (uc stanford), you can choose vds = VDD/2
You can try a stanford lecture course. This one is great
The concept of gradual sizing is called Logical effort.. this can be applied to all gates provided they are properly constructed with basic inverter characterized. search Google for logical effort+ stanford handout. u will find a good lecture pdf on the topic. the gradual sizing optimizes power delay product.
Look at gm/id design methodology. stanford EE214 lecture notes, and there are some other papers on this as well. The idea is to abandon square-law equations, and design based upon plots made from the technology.
read thru lecture 8 and lecture 9 slides at following stanford ee313 vlsi course
EE273 - Digital Systems Engineering
Also see if you can get a copy of the stanford EE315 lecture notes.
U can also download it from
Coursenotes of last session is available at: Mazz
Hi all, Knuth will give a lecture,which is so precious, in stanford today,It's pity for I can not attend it.Sincerely,congratulate anyone who get the opportunity.and would you please share us the experience and lecture? Kind Regards
i need gm/Id methodology lecture notes from Berkely and stanford university by boser and Murmann respectively. please send me.
Does anyone have ee392b's handouts? Or any valuable website regarding to cmos image sensor is recommanded? Thanks in advance.
Does anybody have ee212 stanford class notes? thanks!
Does anybody have ee212 stanford lecture notes? Thank you!!!
can i get video lecture s of stanford EE214 fall?
People have posted EE214 lecture Notes from stanford. Anyone have EE315 VLSI Data Conversion Circuits lecture Notes from 2004/2005 ? They are needed badly. Thanks.
ccw27 -- how many lectures are there in the stanford set -- i counted 27 is that correct everyone else? 27 lectures -- is that the complete set ?