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i am making a star delta starter for my 15 HP submersible water pump set. the contractor coil voltage is 440v AC but i have relay of coil 12v and contact 250v 10 amps rating only, can i us this relay 250v 10a contact to switch 440v 1a contactor coil it is safe, are kindly give me a better solution.
Use wye-delta transformer as isolation transformer, delta connected to inverter, wye as output with star point (neutral). Or connect wye parallel to inverter and use the star point as neutral. delta winding must be present and acts as a stabilizing winding. In the latter circuit, the transformer carries (...)
Another possible method is sequential network restructuring by star-delta and delta-star transformation, particularly easy for equal resistors (not in the present case). For transformation forumulas, see:
hi I have problem in motor,its rotation is slower than before. Its starting method is star delta and it is slow in both of them can any one help me??? I want to know the problem is in power circuit or in the motor itself ? thanks advance:-)
Dear Folks, What is the formula to calculate Power consumption on each phase for a 3 phase motor with respect to Hp, when connected as mentioned below. 1. Direct On-Line 2. star - delta Thanking you, Ravi Kumar Gangumolu.
How to calculate the delay time for soft starter for converting star into delta ? What factors and things should be taken into account ? Does the calculation of delay time for normal star delta circuit same as for Soft starters ? thanks
Doubt in star delta Here is the confusion. The fig shows star and delta network 85800 It says that P + Q= A || (B+C) Here we consider the resistor R is in open circuited and with that assumption we calculate the equivalent resistance... what if i connect a complex network to the resistor R so that it is not open a
Motors that can be wired for star/delta are multi voltage motors such as 230/415V. If the motor has fixed start OR deltas wiring then they are fixed voltage eg. 415V. Frank
I want the interfacing of Micro-controller to 3-Phase motor. Or for only ON-OFF condition it is possible to control it by keeping starter ON-OFF. Also Is it interface by IC L293D...? Please give me the interfacing dig.. Regards, Nitin
I've been given an EP-3959E-C3 board from a motor drive. FUS2, a 2A fuse, opened while starting. Perhaps this is happening when it switches star to delta? It is apparently a large motor so that is an assumption. I'm unable to find any information on these and will be looking at the rest of the machine soon in an attempt to find what (...)
What is the coil voltage of the contactors wired up in star-delta? The easiest way would be to control the star-delta controller with relays driven by the microcontroller through a signal mosfet. (You can drive them directly with high side switches if the contactor coils are 24V or less).
Hello experts; I need to choose a transformer for a three phase bridge rectifier with 110Vdc and 50A average DC current at out put. Can anybody plz guide how to calculate transformer secondary voltage and current for this system. And also plz which configuration of transformer should be used. I mean delta-star or (...)
How to get the datasheet & speed vs. load characteristics of the SIEMENS motor ? SIEMENS 3-Mot. 1LG0166-4AA7 0-Z EFF2 LMH 1007/800004378567 IP55 160L IM 132 kg B3 BRG DE 6309-2RZ C3 50 Hz 380/660V delta / Y (star) 15 KW 30.1 A / 17.4 A EFF. 90.0 % COS(PHI) 0.84
To start a motor in star configuration & then after some delay into delta, How should be the windings connected at the motor's terminal box (in star configuration or in delta configuration) ? Asking about 3 phase induction motor
you can use neutral if you need and phase to null line voltage will be 220V,but usually 3phase loads doesn't need neutral line for operation, because the zero potential is created at the joint point of delta or star connection at the load side. also i must say that the equality of neutral and earth depends on the selection of earthing system of ne
@Chuckey I don't think you know enough about motors to be able to bring this project to a safe and successful conclusion. I agree with your point of view. I am just concern that running in delta mode may draw more current from the line and over loads the transformer. Running in star would cause it to overheat in the
it means we use star delta configuration to reduce the starting current to 67% ...... that's the huge advantage of it and huge disadvantage is the low starting torque of the motor which causes late run up (or to take lot of time to reach the motor to its rated torque & speed) .... Am i right ? tell me more about dual
If I saw L1, L2, L3, and GND I would expect 3 phase delta. L1, L2, L3 ,N1 and GND is likely 3 phase star. L1, L2 for 2 phase. N1 implies a power return. GND may conduct power if it is alone, or it is likely just for safety if it accompanies N1. Note there are some 3 phase systems with one corner grounded, so it could only have L1, L2, and GN
I have a 10KW delta power input for motor drive. However , apart from 5kw motor ,I wish to derive 230VAC with neutral for running my other appliances from a single phase supply which reqiuire a neutral. I do not wish to put a heavy/bulky transformer as there is a space limitation. Could my colleagues suggest methods ?