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I'm a rtl engineer. I'm confused between the difference of sdf and spf back annotation. As I know sdf came from STA( PT) and SPF came from star-RC. So In my experiance, the sdf used to timing close the netlist without RC elements. then this netlist to send a PNR team. After extraction RC elements in layout team by starRC. Then finally we (...)
How to extract spef from star rc...?? to my knowledge i think 3 files are necessary. 1 routed def 2 file for synopsys 3 rc corner please correct me in inputs if i am wrong. How to get rc corner file ?? if possible plz say me the inputs and where to get from ??
Hi, I'm using bicmos9mw proces from STM for my design, my design flow is as follows : cadence ic 5.1.41 for scheme Calibre for DRC and LVS star-rcxt (F-2011.06-sp2) for parasitic extraction. Anyone have a tuturial about extraction with star-rcxt? wich files ( rule file,tech file, mapinng file, input and output file) (...)
why to verify timing after routing stage in physical design? why to verify timing after star-RCXT extraction in physical design? Please give me the answer
RC extraction from a tool like Synopsys star-RC will spit out an HSPICE SUBCKT netlist with Resistances and capacitances corresponding to the different layers in your layout in addition to the transistors. It might include the area/perimeter of your transistors but the best estimate of your net area should come from looking at layout directly. RC e
During a Calibre-RC extraction to generate an fsdb file, is their a switch I need to set so that so that the names of devices and instances get their names from the source which in this I would like to be the schematic netlist? I know that in star-RC I would set XREF:YES to achieve the same. Is there an equivalent switch in Calibre-RC? Without this
Yes, birdy123 is right. You can not load such report. But, there is such ICC command as signoff_opt. It takes your design and runs star-rc (for RC extraction) and PrimeTime (directly from ICC session). Then, it loaded ptime results and trying to optimize design based on star-rc+ptime results.
hi, I have an issue with GDS/CDL based SPEF extraction using Calibre CCI based star flow. In Custom world, Instances are prefixed with "X" Nets are using angle brackets "<" , ">" In Digital world, Instances do not have "X" prefix Nets are using square brackets "" Does star have any option to do this mapping wh
We use the Industry standard Parasitic extraction tools like star-RC & QRC. What is the basic procedure followed by these tools?
Hi V, I dont think there is any workaround for this other than using a parasitic extraction tool such as star RC to generate a spef file cheers
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Hi I am new to Synopsys tools and I need them to perform parassitc extraction with star RCXT. Looking at the different options it seems to me that the easiest way is to built a MW database running Hercules on a gds and a spice netlist. I have been able to perform DRC and LVS (with the option to extract view). Finally my LVS passes but I have a
hi, why the power nets are treated as special in layout extraction?.and what are all the extra parameters they can taken into account when extract power nets...
hi all, do we need a netlist for the starRc extraction?..and what is the use of LEF file in star RC extraction
... GND signals are star connected to one common pin GND_* The various GND_moduleX_* route parts carry different currents and current waveforms, and own different R-L-C parasitics after parasitics' extraction. Hence the interference signals (noise, EMI) on the various GND_* nodes will be different, and it is po
Hi, What are all the inputs required for the star-RC-XT. (extraction) How will you ensure that the extraction data is clean of shorts & opens and how to ensure that the extraction data is in sync with the final PnR database ? Thanks, Gops
after u are done with Synthesis and P&R , follow these steps 1) Do RC extraction ( Parasitic extraction) . for eg. Synopsys star-RC ( or Cadence Assura) Tool will do it. It will generate spef files. 2) Run STA for Timing Analysis for eg. Synopsys Primetime Tool will do it. Input to it is your spef file and gate-level (...)
For RC extraction i am using star_RCXT. THis tool is called while performing PLS(post layout simulation). After the setup is done- that is feeding the gds and cdl, slecting type of extraction etc, while running extraction star-RCXT gives me an error: Missing header file. Subcircuit defination may be (...)
calibre CCI--- star-rcxt flow support gate-level RC extraction? OR the flow only support transistor level RC extraction? thank u
the best one is star-RC user manual, it will not only provide the basic knowledge and will also teach you how to use the tool