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Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any good documentation on common grounding between different boards? Basically, I am looking for a rule of thumb on grounding between different circuit boards. I have heard a little bit about the star method but it can be a bit confusing. Are there any good articles out there on how to (...)
Ask them to explain what a supernode is, or star grounding.
You shorted part of the rectifiers by incorrect grounding. If the DC bus is grounded, the star point must be floating (respectively connected to ground with a high ohmic resistor to help simulation convergence). It's not actually a PFC rectifier by the way, because the input currents of a three phase bridge can't be sinoidal.
From your question I would reccomend reading through some of these: IEC 60950 Glossary star grounding Wars
You may have a grounding problem. Try to route the ground connections from the input current source and the integrator so that they connect to the power supply at one point only (at the power supply). This is the classic "star" ground configuration. If the grounds differ in voltage, then you will have a common mode input to the integrator, which
boats_ranger, Your concern about ground loops is justified. "Daisy Chaining" the Earth ground to several PCB boards is not a good idea. The "star" grounding scheme is almost always the best one to use. In this scheme, all power supply grounds are connected together at one point only. Regards, Kral
Your pretty limited if that?s all you have to work with. In an extremely noisy environment the best solution is dedicated returns star grounding, shielding and twisted pair. You can also get optos with logic gates integrated with Schmitt trigger but they are pricey. What you could try is this from
If circuits are totally independent you may leave separate grounds, if they, however, need common reference - "star grounding" is the most recommended option .. see attached picture .. .... I need to know what to do with the 2 grounds? Connecting them together wouldn't heart .. Rgards, IanP
star grounding is All your grounding points,. IE. transformers, smoothing, sockets, PCB boards, chassie connections all come to gether at ONE CENTRAL POINT . It takes its name from the apperance that the connections have , it looks lick a star . Barrybear