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hii RGR logiic library contains timing and functionality information of stardard cell and soft macros timing info of hard macros we have logical drc's also logic labrary have two variables i.e; link library and target library this link library resolves the referces of the intantiation in the design... u r welome SAGGURTHI
I have this pwm in the picture and I want to controle more current with it so does somebody know how to put a transistor like BUZ350 behind it and controle a bigger load with
I have a mixed signal design where the digital part is composed of stardard gates from the foundry's library. These cells have global VCC! and GND! pins. In the top schematic and layout these global VCC! and GND! are connected to VCC and GND respectively. Which is the best way have a LVS clean? I am running LVS with assura but do not find the
Did you have to use a Custom symbol? Is there a standard symbol you can use? If there is a stardard symbol, can you see how it is defined? I would try and use a standard symbol if there is one, and see if you can get the pin swapping to work.
Hi all, Is there anyone can access TSMC 65nm stardard cell datasheet? I am wondering whether its DFF (static? or dynamic?) can be functional up to 1.6GHz. Any reply is appreciated.
I want to design a buffer which will driving a transmission line (50 ohm), and can amplify signal from 1-5 times. The architecture is stardard noninverting amplifier using a opamp . How to design the opamp , the output resistance of opamp must be less than 50 ohm ? Thanks for help. Any refenrences of this kind of op is welcom
Well yes this topic is an obligatory one with so many stupid jtag cables and the lack of any stardard .Having a laptop as a workhorse. I thought about buying all of the above .Then finnally i found a much better solution and is pcmcia to PCI box extensions .The only problem is that they are kinda pricy .$1000.
The difference between a "stardard" CPU and a DSP is that the DSP has optimized multiplying and adding units .Also there is a barrel shifter means that it can do multiplications and accumulations very fast . People talk about MACs (multiply and accumulate operations) to do an important number of MACS the whole machine must very optimized to
I'd like to know what is different between diff. rom and via rom? which is better for cost, area, volumn, speed? what is stardard to select them?
It's up to stardard process, I think.
well..i made a rutine for obtain stardard better use that....get 100 samples (20 ms each), then the media of them, and so on...its easy.... if you use LM35....and 10 bits ADC...then: temp =v*0.4887; Bye
Hi guys.. The board layout of a filter I designed is giving me a headache I'm trying to use the stardard routing techniques (+v 0 -v running tru chip). Please take a look at the design and give some feedback or direct me to a good PCB rounting tutorial. Thanks.... in Advance