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Hello, I want to start space research like NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other how to do this??
You are asking a lot of questions, much of them unrelated ( what is this ? who makes this ? what cable is used ? how to repair, etc...). You really need to make some previous researches by yoursef and try to start from a point not so trivial. It is supposed that persons here have a minimum technical background, even newbie, but not totally outsider
1 month ago we started an electrical and electronics company in Ajax. Currently, We are doing PCB design works and some electrical equipment service. We are thinking of starting a unit of battery and UPS manufacturing. So we need to find some metal fabrication services in Ontario. Recently I have gone through the website of Bayview Metals in (...)
Consider to forget about PIC and AVR and start using STM. :-D
Hello everyone, I am Master's student of micro/nano systems in Germany. My course is focused in Semiconductor technology and application. During studies I also did a student job in a company where I developed skills in EDA and design automation. I also have interest towards Analog/Mixed signal design, but I have basic experience with it. Current
we are a start up company, looking to purchase a layout tool such as cadence, altium and mentor graphics. i need some advice. i want to what is the best tool for me. the aspect im looking at his cost, features (end of life bom analysis), easy to use/learn. please let me know your experience.
I have previously programmed on 8051 and have recently started programing on arduino. I wanted to start with IOT (internet of things). As a firsthand project i wanted to interface a potentiometer to arduino and send its voltage values to my smartphone. How do i start doing this.
Building component footprints is a basic skill for a PCB designer ( unless you are in a big company, with it's own librarians). So, search the internet for the datasheet, download the free version of 'Library Expert' at and start building.
Headphones are basically small dynamic loudspeakers. I suppose you could make electrostatic ones but safety would be a serious issue. If you are planning to make the transducers yourself, start by finding a source of neodymium magnets, a good plastics molding company and a coil winding machine. Brian.
hello friends.... I m currently studying in BE- Final Year in Mumbai University -Branch - Electronics and aggregate is 69% and I already gave my GRE exam in august 2014 ... I got 305/340(163-Q , 142 - V, AWA - 3) As the score was less I decided to give gre again.. I have been placed in a start up company which is about Embe
Hello What experience required to make a startup fabless company in Electronics ? I need what it needs from to start learning from now to make something like that in about 5 - 10 years from technical and managerial point of views. Most investors now put money in new ideas found in products but most of them in Embedded systems only (...)
I am planning to start a inverter manufacturing/ assembling unit in my area . Any body know good inverter board and its spares (microcontrler based) is available in india. Or give any suggestions How to start a inverter company ?
You need to learn how to design a circuit and how not to design a circuit. The best way to do that is design stuff, and find out the hard way that something doesn't work (expensive) or start looking at other designs, preferably ones that are done well (most of the stuff you'll find online are really bad to barely okay designs) and learn from people
A few other companies offering parasitic extraction tools are: 1. Silicon Frontline Technology (F3D tool) 2. Tanner EDA (Hyper PX) I would suggest you to to start from option (1) - as I work for that company :) Please s
What is needed to open a start-up fabless company in the filed of mixed signal IC design ? What type of devices/IP need to be designed (Wireless, USB, ADC/DAC , Power Management , PLL etc...)? How to find/attract customers ? Where to fabricate the chip with the minimal cost ? Let's assume that I have a all type software for desig
Hey guys i am new in this forum ! I wish you are fine. Well i am finishing my MSc in Electronics and searching for a job. Basically, i like more the electronics and especially, analog, microwave/RF => designing individula stages or systems TX-RX etc However, i have a proposal from a company that is related with antennas. I have done in the
Hi All - My company is about to start a production run of a board with a PCI-Express interface. For our initial manufacturing run, we're having the manufacturer insert each board in a computer we provide. The computer will boot into a lightweight OS image that will then trigger some tests on the board and will stress test the PCIe interface by s
Hi, I work as an electrical engineer in a new start-up company which is developing a metal detector. In the meantime the company is of 3 people and we have succeeded in building up a prototype of the product. I have received my degree not long ago and this is my first job in the field of electronics engineering. The next stage in my (...)
Are you looking to start your RF laboratory and need quality new modules and equipment? (e.g. reference HF-VHF amplifiers, prescalers/dividers, rf/microwave attenuators, etc?). Look at Our company is new and extends its portfolio. Products have complete technical data files, 6 months
We are looking for a professional for a position of a DSP R&D Engineer our company based in Rotselaar in Belgium. Please, see the details and apply here: