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I have two questions: 1. MMIC layout design There are some books on MMIC design theory. I understand that layout can be designed and simulated using some software. There are also limitations of manufacturing process. What book or author you can suggest, what software is currently trending? 2. MMIC manufacturing Where MMIC can be manufactur
Dear Friends, I am an Analog/RF IC design engineer working in a world's well-known IC foundry located in Ottawa, Canada. My job responsibility is to design high-speed PLLs and IOs. I also have a Ph.D. in the RF/Analog IC design field. I recently have special interest in developing a 77GHz MMIC system for my own start-up project, an
Hi all, I am going to graduate in few months time, and intend to specialize in RF design. I heard that it is better to start with rfic design, then only proceed to RF system/transceiver design. I know there are Mini Circuits, Avago & Motorola doing rfic design in Malaysia. For RF system design, there are Motorola & Agilent. (...)
Hello everyone...I have been given an assignment project in mixer design using Advanced design system...But since I'm totally new to ADS,I have no idea how to start up my project...Can u all please help me and guide me please??I have attached my reference diagram and its graphs..can anyone please tell me how to set the parameters of M1,M2 etc.. on
Dear All is it easy to change my career in Egypt !!! i have Bsc in Elec. & Comm. Eng. i wish to work in field of rfic designer but now i have been working for more than 4 years in another far field so is it easy to change my career in Egypt !!! what should i do ?? i thought of making master at rfic ?? as an start ?? (...)
Suggestion to start or not, or from where to start?
Receiver or Transmitter or Synthesizer? I suggest you do some background reading and a good place to start is by reading IEEE JSSC and conferences such as rfic and ISSCC.
hi, everyone I want to do a project for zero-if GPS receiver rfic, how do i start if i have the system specifications? how to select original schemetic for each unit component, such as LNA, Mixer, thanks
Hi guys, What kinds of simulations (in cadence) do I have to run if I need to make sure my complementary CMOS LC oscillator will definitely stary to oscillate?? Simulate the overall 1/gm and make sure it is 2~3 times bigger than the LC impedance maybe a way, but what I heard is that is not accurate... Thanks, gould
do some research on S-paarmeter , tranmission-line& impedance ..kick start for your assign.
U can see . The PDF is a good start. Also u can try to find the books by Christoher Saint. I think I've seen them once on this board.
A good start is Thomas Lee's book or Razavi's book. Also there are some good IEEE papers by Thomas Lee ( you can find them in the book by Thomas Lee)
Hi, start with this site
this paper is about the current trend to SoC as regards to rfic design. Its very good. might help you best of luck! :-)
hi, i completely agree with u! they are one of the most complex research fields! much to be explored... to rediscover everything in a different and more more efficient sense.. its high time we start on them too! /Am
start with Razavi's RF Microelectronics Book for understanding rfic; also after that rake a look at: I think in your application low power design (with tolerable Phase Noise!) is the most challenge.... BEST!
Dear all I am a new guy to studying the RF circuit design. especially in the Handset circuit so somebody could give me some info about this topic or how could we enter the RF design guide(reference book) Thanks all BR Tommy 8O
Hi, trashbox - this link will help you to start with PLL design and rfic. I have attached a very good book found on the same site. Do not upload materials which can be found on internet. Post link instead. Space and ban