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Ah, the ever annoying globally/locally static VHDL problem. This does look like a bug in the VHDL compiler, as all constants are globally static (I just checked the '93 LRM). It probably gets confused by the fact it's an attribute on a record field. ISE never had a great reputation as a compiler. Unfortunatly they stopped working on ISE with the f
Hi, I get the following Modelsim error when compiling my design for simulation: "# ** Error: tx_and_replica.vhd(362): Actual (function call "to_sfixed") for formal "i_x" is not a globally static expression." The relevant code snippets are: 1) Port mapping: Line 362 is the s_tx_tmr conversion to signed fixed. U_ITPL_TTL_HIGH: li
How do i find that torque? A physical correct attempt of torque calculation must contain an expression for angular acceleration. It's till missing from your posts. static friction, as mentioned by erikl is a differnt point, but not directly related to the problem. You can (in principle) design a drive with frictionless bearing, e.g.
Hi, I'm working one generating a VCCS in finesim. The code is as follows : Videal ideal 0 1 rpolyres ideal 0 50k gin_current IN OUT pwl(1) IN OUT 0 0 0.1 0 0.2 'i(videal)' Howere, I always get an error saying 'ERROR! variable in static expression' I checked the .sp file and find that it is the 'i(videal)' that causes this pro
I'm getting the following error when compiling in ModelSim: Array type case expression must be of a locally static subtype. The error points to the first part of the case statement in the following code: library ieee; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use IEEE.numeric_std.all; entity amplitude_lookup is generic (
answer is yes and no. use temporal expression to do that. assertions are two kind (static - without simulation ) -which is not possible in specman and (dynamic - while simulation ) - which is very much possible through temporal checks /.ue