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Why shouldn't this code work? #include void main (void) { TRISA = 0x00; TRISB = 0x00; PORTA = 0x00; PORTB = 0x00; OPTION = 0x07; RBPU = 0; T0IE = 1; INTEDG = 1; GIE = 0; while(1) CLRWDT(); } static void interrupt (...)
The Pic 16 family does not support interrupt priority, all interrupts have the same priority and there is only one interrupt vector. The normal procedure is to test each flag of the interrupts you have enabled and service the ones that are set. For Example: /*--- interrupt vector ---*/ (...)
Hi guys. I've problem on RB0 interrupt in HT-PICC.I use the PICC "interruptDemo" sample. static void interrupt isr(void){ if(INTF) { INTF = 0; } } But mplab says: Error C:\DOCUME~1\Arash\LOCALS~1\Temp\s7o. 364 : multiply defined (...)
It is best if you program timer(s) which are altered inside a timerX interrupt function. Something like this: static volatile unsigned char Timer_10ms; void interrupt isr(void) { if(TMR2IF) { if(Timer_10ms) Timer_10ms--; TMR2IF=FALSE; (...)