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Check this Communications Blockset - Concatenated Ostbc with TCM Demo
Does anyone has codes to perform simulation on mimo-ofdm using antenna diversity technique and stbc?
Hi Everyone. I am doing thesis on this topic .Please help me by providing matlab code for " Performace analysis of orthogonal stbc using feedback in correlated channels ". if anyone is having or provide some related material I will be very much thankful to the person.Please mail me at
see the very nice post on this website some background and m-file are available
i want to implement space time block codes on FPGA does any body have idea about fpga implementation of stbc please reply me
Hello I have done some simulation on Differential Space time Block codes but I have a problem with the matlab code. Indeed, my first simulation was done by realizing differential modulation in cascade with stbc at the transmitter and receiver. The obtained result is such the one obtained by Tarokh in "a differential detection scheme for transmit d
>1.I would want to know a little bit about Non-Orthogonal stbc. Can you help me! Guess these are codes where the transmitted sequences are not always orthogonal to each other, unlike, say, Alamouti. But then, may be they are called "partially orthogonal" >2.Are stbcs a kind of chanel coding or what? Nope. stbc are (...)
hello could anyone post the links where i can find different MATLAB codes other than the I need also thesis about channel estimation for stbc systems with MATLAB codes
dear all I need to post thesis, MATLAB codes or any useful document about "Channel Estimation Methods for Space Time Block Code System" when the channel state information is imperfect so we need to estimate the channel, please help in posting useful documents
Space-time block codes (stbc) versus V-BLAST: The objective is to evaluate the effect of increasing average signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and channel correlation on the bit error rate (BER) of stbc and V-BLAST for a prescribed spectral efficiency. Consider two wireless systems: i) Alamouti stbc 2x2, and ii) V-BLAST 2x2. To (...)
hi , Alamouti Scheme comes under stbc. I feel its some what useful. Regards, Tarakarpaveen Goud