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Contact me for Embedded Product Design and programming I am an Embedded Engineer. I have worked with 8051, PIC, AVR, PIC24, dsPIC, PIC32, STM32, Tiva, stellaris Microcontrollers. I design embedded circuits and write programs for it in C language. If anybody needs projects to be done or needs an embedded product to be designed then you can con
Hi for all, I use EasyMx Pro for stellaris board with LM4F232 (Cortex M4) mcu, I need to read temp from 18B20, but on TFT I only have 000.0625 C, sensor in connected on PD4 port the code is // TFT module connections char TFT_DataPort at GPIO_PORTJ_DATA; sbit TFT_RST at GPIO_PORTH_DATA5_bit; sbit TFT_RS at GPIO_PORTG_DATA7_bit; sbit
hello i am using a stellaris launchpad XL package from stellarisLaunchPad_Fred library. and i am getting these dimension error while routing around the board .although the board only has the header footprints on the layer itself and the border or the dimensions are floating above the wires on top layer. 1.what does this error mean. 2.would it
Hi, I'm trying to understand TI JTAG programming protocol. I've a stellaris LM3S2965 board and I'd like to create my own programmer but I don't know what JTAG instructions (and when) I have to send. Someone told me it's documented but I don't find anything on the web. Do someone know where I can find it? Thanks.
Hi, I have an Altera board with a Cyclone 4 FPGA and a stellaris LM3S2965 Evaluation Board. I want the FPGA to know when the computer is sending data to the microcontroller to program it. I was trying to detect a transition on tck on the JTAG port of the stellaris board but it seems there are transitions even when nothing is happening. Can someone
Hi guys, I am new on this forum. About programming ARM stellaris LM4F120H5QR in assembling, knows someone tutorials or example project ? Thank you.
I am trying to interface MQ7 (CO) with TI stellaris launchpad (operating voltage is 3.3V) but according to datasheet MQ7 requires Vh= 5v and Vl=1.4v. So, how to interface MQ gas sensors with 3.3v microcontroller????
I would like to attempt to create something like the XIM3 but with just a stellaris. For those who don't know what the XIM3 is: it is bassically a device that sits between your xbox controller en the xbox 360, letting the security signals pass trough freely whilst altering the other data signals (input signals). I have attempted to find out h
Hi all, can anyone help me in making pic16f877a communicate with a PC via the LAN switch ? any one worked on "stellaris? Serial-to-Ethernet Reference Design Kit" can help me ?
Hello all, I am making Autonomous Quad. I am programming my IMU using ADXL335 -3 Axis analog Accelerometer & L3G4200D 3-axis digital Gyro. I am using ARM Cortex M4F based TI's stellaris launchpad LM4F120XL. I've a problem while implementing IMU. Here is my algorithm of IMU... By ADC I am getting reading of accelerometer in Dx, Dy & Dz.
HI, I am in need of very tiny RGB led, the same one seen on a stellaris launchpad. Can any one give me the link from which I could purchase the same led... Searched a lot in alibaba but couldn;t find the exact one...
Hello, I am trying to interface MMA8451Q Accelerometer with My stellaris launchpad LM4F120H5QR, it uses I2C interfacing. My code is correct because it works with the other sensor which uses the I2C interfacing. But that same code is not working with MMa8451Q. Is there anyone who has an experience to work with MMA8451Q ?? ( www.nex-r
Hello, I am trying to interface MMA8451Q Accelerometer with My stellaris launchpad LM4F120H5QR, it uses I2C interfacing. My code is correct because it works with the other sensor which uses the I2C interfacing. But that same code is not working with MMa8451Q. Is there anyone who has an experience to work with MMA8451Q ?? ( www.nex
Hello friends,,,, I am using ARM Cortex stellaris Board,it is running perfectly in the morning,but after some time when i am going to do programming,then my device LM3s9b95 is not detected in the microbootloader. my reset switch is wrking perfectly but my device is not detected in the bootloader. then i use programming u
Hello, i'm using Texas stellaris LM3S9B96. First I am designing the board, so I have to do all the wires between all components and the microcontroller, so when software will be developed everything will be ok. I would like to use a SDRAM and a CPLD at the same time. The idea is to use address/data bus for both these components, in order to save
Hello everyone, I am using stellaris lm4f120 launchpad in my project. That board has USB B Type Device port. I want to convert that port into Host port. Is there any way to do it?? I know about the conversion circuit of USB B to USB A for connecting the devices but I've no knowledge to convert the Device port into the Host port ! :( I wa
I wish to use TI's TPS63020 as the voltage regulator in a portable circuit powered by a LIPO battery (single cell 2.5V-4.2V) to power up the LM4F120H5QR (ARM M4) . (I assume the fuly charged LIPO has 4.2 and tolarable discharge is 2.5V) At voltages above the 3.4 the this IC works in Bu
Hello Everyone, I've a question that can I program ARM Cortex M4F processor based controller using MATLAB?? If YES then how? (why I want to program it with MATLAB is not important, I just want to know it because I am curious to know it whether it is possible or not?) I am using stellaris Launchpad LM4F120 Series MCU : LM4F120E5QR Thanks
Today i installed the Keil IDE for stellaris EK-LM4F120XL Launch Pad, But i couldn't get it running due to some linking problems. I couldn't link the library from stellarisWare folder required for the launchpad. somebody please suggest something
I want to create a PCB using my stellaris LM3S3748 . I jurst want a PCB breakput board board diagram in eagle, Altium or some stranded design suite so i can program it using a JTAG and use its pins for a purpose since they are taken out. Is there anyone who has done this before so i can have the Break out PCB board files? Im willing to gi
Hi everyone I have some problem with lm4f120 uart channels.I try to change example program but there is nothing on UART channel.I'm giving the original example code and modified code. Original Code://***************************************************************************** // // hello.c - Simple hello world example. // // Copyright
You should have better success with the stellaris - I'm waiting for some from TI myself. Annoyingly, my usual distributor has had hundreds in stock for a week now... and we are still waiting.
I am using This launch pad from TI : I've ordered it & will get after 2 to 4 weeks. It's going to take much longer than that. I have received an update today that the estimated delivery date is 9 Nov. 2012 , almost two months from now
Just ordered the stellaris ARM LM4f eval. board from TI. While it wont arrives im interested to know about the arquitecture and programming of the refered mcu. My knowledge in mcu's resumes to pic and picbasic. Basic knowledge in C programming but not in arm / mcu enviroment. Googled the subject triyng to find codes and projects already built i
Hello friends, I am working now on the TFt LCD display that is interfaced with ARM cortex M3 stellaris board. can anyone tell me how can i display color on my TFT LCD display. i have init my TFT lcd and fill it basic colors balck and white. it is working correctly but when i send any of the color in combination of RGB that is not the dis
hello friends.. Currently i am working on Micromedia stellaris ARM Cortex M3 has inbulit TFT LCD display having a touch screen also. I am now trying to start the Touch screen on the TFT display. it has two analog input and two drive output to the touch screen The analog input is connected to the PORTB(PB4:XL,PB5:YD) Drive A = P
Hello! The most difficult about giving you advice here is that we don't know what you are planning to do. From my point of view, MSP430 is a low power device and it has been designed to drive a whole system from a single chip. Therefore, if you need external memory, probably you should use another device, possibly stellaris if you want to sti
Hello! I use ARM processors, and the first board I bought was a TI board with a stellaris MCU. About 70$. The advantage is that you don't need an emulator, the emulator is on board, so you just have to plug the board with a USB cable and you're on! Probably other makers also have boards with integrated emulator, so you should consider this issue i
Which microcontroller are you talking about? Version 7.10 has the "PICOLO" DSP and the stellaris microcontroller. Labcenter Electronics - Proteus VSM - SPICE Simulator/Debugger for ARM Cortex M3 Labcenter Electronics - Latest Release Hope this help
Hi I am using codesourcery for TI stellaris Cortex-M3. I need all my hex files generated by the linker to be 64K size regardless of the original size. in other words I need the compiler/linker to pad the generated file to 64K with 0xFF Is this possible? Regards Hossam Alzomor ---------- Post added at 15:26 ---
Hello! If STM32 is not an absolute requirement, you may consider buying a stellaris board (or another maker that provides on-board debug tools). In this case, there is an on-board emulation tool, you just need an USB cable. I just bought one for about 60 USD with a tiny OLED display (I have started a project requiring ethernet so the display
The stellaris M3 JTAG inputs have pull-ups with a specified resistance range TDO is a 2mA drive strength output. It don't see a problem with 27 ohm series resistors it also doesn't change the signal speed much as the output impedance will be considerably higher.
Hello colleagues, I'm using TI's stellaris LM3S1621 MCU. Tell me please if it is possible to start DMA transaction from external interrupt (triggered from any GPIO)? For example I'd like to take one byte from PORTA and save it in external SDRAM. Besides this frequency of starting pulses is very big so interrupt mechanism is not applicable. Thank
Hi everybody, Does anyone know where I can find this book (TI ref is : EKB-UCOS3-BOOK) ? If anyone had the book on paper version, I can buy it from him ! The new one is too expensive :( Thank you !
I just got a stellaris ARM CORTEX M3 (LM3S6965) kit Want to try it out any example codes available
I read safe RTOS user guide. SafeRTOS is inbuilt in stellaris MCU by TI. I have three task which should work sequential .After i finished my first task ,i want to give signal to second task to start and then second task give signal to third. .I dont know how can i use queue concept to just communicate signal. Can any one give me some information
hiiii i want to calculate the prescaler value for the following 16-bit timers to generate a 1us tick and the controller is running at 50mhz. i am using LM3S811 stellaris uc. in the datasheet it explain like this ... but i dnt understand how the Mx time to be calculated.... All values assume a 50-MHz clock with Tc=20 ns (cloc
stellaris bootloader in application I am using stellaris LM3S600 on keil uv4. I want to impliment bootloader in my application. the starting address of the application is 800. but how to insert the bootloader code in my application and which part to be include. Thanx, Embed_v
hi, i am using the board EK-LM3S9B92-B. I was using it with the demos and all was fine. I made my own proyect with a realtime tick of 1ms. All works well. I begun to learn about FREE-RTOS. I download it. Read about it. And i comment from the example all about a display because it was for other board and micro. Well i made one task to test it. I
Im just "researching" and I would like to know your opinion. Which microcontroller do you prefer? stellaris from TI or LPC from NXP? Other? Why? I didn't use any. Altougth TI seems better for me because: more evaluation kits, TI licensed ARM technology longer ago than NXP (which may not mean nothing once Luminary Micro was bought by TI), TI
The pdf of your schematic is too coarse to be readable - what I figured out is a mux and an adc controlled by the PP. The stellaris? Family of ARM? Cortex™-M3 - LM3S2608 from TI supports 8 PWM; Freescale Semiconductor MAC7101 supports 16, STMicroelectronics STM32F103RC but these are all ARM devices. Infineon has a 8051 device - C509-L but I'
check stellaris micro. now texas instruments, hope helps, //a
Hi friends i was doing a research about stellaris LM3S9B96 this is a very good device to use in my new project here. But there is alot of compilers and jtag debuggers. Any has and advice about jtag debuggers if any very good than other. And about compilers too. I made this generic, i am open to any compiler include GCC that i don´t know if it is
Hi Do any one have info about the cortex-M3 stellaris Power consumpsion? any comparison for Power consumption with LPC21xx ARM7TDMI based? Salam Hossam Alzomor
look at and scrounge a development board for free !! ================================== stellaris LM3S811 Evaluation Kit Luminary Micro is providing free stellaris LM3S811 Evaluation Kits for use with the Designstellaris2006 contest.* Compact and versatile, the stellaris LM3S811