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sp sp start=0 stop=3G step=1G This statement of Cadence Spectre generates s-parameters at freq=0, 1GHz, 2GHz and 3GHz. Try plot S11 in Smith Chart of Cadence ViVA. Change plot with symbol and without line. You can confirm four points. Move cursol to each point and confirm frequency by tracking information. You see 0, 0, 1GHz
If you reverse engineer the drum HV bias generators used in large laser printers you will find they use a step up transformer in a resonant oscillator mode. Thus no EMI is generated with the sine wave output. No bridge multipliers are needed, just rectify with a string of 500V rated 1/4W resistors for DC voltage feedback. PWM control is used to ge
Hi, I need to simulate the performance of Envelope tracking DC-DC converter with PA as shown in figure below. The problem is envelope signal varies quite slowly(MHz) and RF input to the PA input is in GHz. This means that i have to run transient simulation for very long time but with very short time step. It will consume huge amount of (...)
What kind of satellite tracking you have in mind? Do you have your own personal satellite in Earth orbit? :smile: Maybe you have in mind GPS tracking? There are two basic systems for satellite tracking. One is often named "step-Track". The system measures an averaged voltage from the receiver tuned to (...)
hi all am working on person tracking in a video using P2DHMM & Kalman filter for my matlab coding, it starts with HMM as the first step it is given as feature extraction using dct.. i want to know how the 8*8 sub image has to be taken to apply dct separately... i also lik to know is der a mistake in my understanding of the concept....
I have very shallow knowledge of robust control. Please guide me about "Zero step tracking" in robust control.
Hi experts, To deal with large frequency offset such as spread-spectrum, often CDR is engaged in second order. I'm wondering how second order makes frequency tracking range wider in general. I understand phase interpolation step size is also a factor of tracking range regardless of loop order. Thanks for your suggestion.
How can I implement PI control on it? A regular PI control design is expecting a continuous error signal. But we can assume, that a 10 step quantization still gives some analog behaviour. Now you have effectively a proportional (P) controller, the control system has however integral behaviour, a constant manipulated value (PWM setpo
guies, i want to make a project on object tracking using matlab.I am reading the help documents provided under image acquisition (i read it whole)and image processing('m reading this ).but i cant figure out how to implement this in real time object tracking. there is no step procedure about object (...)
1- what is meant by monopole tracking an electronic tracking? 2- why cdma is worser than tdms in throughput ? 3-what is different betwwen faraday rotation and depolarization? 4- what is frequency diversity? Added after 1 hours 2 minutes: 5- diff between conical tracking and step by (...)
need M. Richharia, "An Improved step-Track Algorithm for tracking"International Journal of Satellite Communications, Vol. 14, pp. 147-156, 1986
hi all i work in a tracking system project i need to know what kind of motor i can use ?? what is the differance in DC & stepper motors in tracking system help me please SZ With a "normal" dc motor you can only control revolution (n) and the torque. With a stepper motor you can (...)
In Device Edittor here are few step step1. Select user module step2. Placing User module step3. Deploying interconnectivity step4. Speciying Pin-Out step5. tracking (...)

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