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Hello! You have to use if motor_status == 0 then stop_motor() No! This is a stepper motor. It does not run permanently and you don't have to stop it. However, about the program: 1. The function run motor() will do 4 steps at once. This is a waste: you buy a 400 steps per (...)
DC motor RPM is high. How will you get exactly 360 deg rotation? How will you know when to stop the motor? You can have angle control with stepper motor.
I've written a code in MPlab, the compiler im making use is C18 and i want it to do as follows.. Once we started the process, TIMER in pic 18F4550 and also Ultrasonic sensor(HC-SR04) must be triggered. If obstacle is detected by the sensor,the present value of the timer have to be taken for calculating distance between obstacle (...)
Dear friend, Im new in microelectronics and need some help or recommendation to design stepper motoro pulse controller. In attachment can see some graphics design which type pulses I need. In pic. Version_1.png its like Pentagon stepper motor (unipolar) Drivers Designs. obr
I'm working on a stepper motor driver, most of the control will be handled by a pic most likely a 16f887. I want to simplify control of the H-bridge switches to use fewer pins and make programming easier for the pic so I came up with the circuit below. The H-bridge needs only a few (...)
Hello Dear All, I have a unipolar 5V stepper motor and I want to drive it with a 16f877a. I have connected 2 pieces of tc4427 mosfet drivers and 4 pieces of IRF2807 to the pic and, as I see they are working properly. I supply 50V to the motor and I am (...)
I want to control a stepper motor through pic. stepper motor is in bipolar mode. What should be the minimum pulse width(ON time and OFF time or frequency and dutycycle) needed for control..I couldn't find any details regarding this on the stepper (...)
what is the rating and specification of the stepper motor??? your component selection depends on the rating of the motor......
hi there i am working on a project to control two stepper motors from a pic16f690 using L297 stepper motor controllers adn uln2075b quad darlington transitor ic. i having difficulty with the c code to control the motors from the pic can anyone help me with C code to control (...)
Hi there.. I have a few stepper motors.All of them are 6 wire unipolars. I m using pic 16f877 and a power circuit which has L298.(not L297 ) I could run one of them succesfully using 1000,0100,0010,0001 pulses.But I couldnt run other motors,although I identified the wires using multimeter (...)
you may want to check out for their stepper motor driver projects.
Hi silencer80, First of all, you cannot use ULN2003 for a BIPOLAR stepper motor since it can only sink current and can't source current. You may use L293D instead and it is rated for 600mA continuous. 'do I need pull up resistor at the input of the pic' -please make the question little more (...)
hello friends , I would like to know that while using stepper motor in professional equipments ,do we just apply pulse high and low or there is acceleration given to motor from gradually 0 to max . Please suggest how to implement such thing in a program using pic microcontroller.
Hello all, What is synchronous stepper motor , and how to drive it . for example i have motor from superior electric , slo-syn type ss252b. Its steps are controllable or not. Regards Dani
Results 1 - 10 of about 165,000 for pic stepper motor controller google can be the answer to all your questions :-) Stefaan
Hi, I'm currently experimenting electronics as a hobby. I bought a protoboard, a pic programmer, some pic16F628A chips, some L7805 voltage regulators and some ULN2003AN chips. I have a small stepper motor I would like to drive using a circuit that uses (hopefully) these components. I have read a lot (...)
first u need to know how stepper motor can be interfaced with microcontroller pic or any. there r different kinds of stepper motor available. what kind do u have? 5wire, 6wire and u must also know the step angle. after that u need to give pulses to the motor either in (...)
Hi, It depends on exactly what you are trying to do and what type of motor you are trying to control ? - dc brush motor, stepper, servo etc. Each type of motor needs a different method of control from the pic - which one are you using ? You can change direction of a dc brush (...)
hi, i have a project that about dtmf based stepper motor control via 16F877. when i pressed 4, the stepper motor turn anticlockwise. 6; turn the clockwise and 5 is stop the motor. how can i do this? anybody help me?
in this i am using pic 16f88 both at transmitter and also at the receiver . so i need code please