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Hi, I'm currently experimenting electronics as a hobby. I bought a protoboard, a pic programmer, some pic16F628A chips, some L7805 voltage regulators and some ULN2003AN chips. I have a small stepper motor I would like to drive using a circuit that uses (hopefully) these components. I have read a lot of documents, but I'm still trying (...)
Hi.... I got this LabView code for controlling a mobile robot with stepper motors... I am adding 3 sensors on the robot for line following... the pic im using is pic16F877A and the sensors are connected to pins RB0, RB4 and RB5.... Can anyone help me in modifying the program?? Urgently in need of help pls... This is the code... (...)
Hi all, i am new for this field ( 3 axis pcb Routers) so i need 3 axis controling program for our new pcb router with any ATMEL Or Microchip ( 89c52 or pic 16f xxx) Please Help me......................plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
first u need to know how stepper motor can be interfaced with microcontroller pic or any. there r different kinds of stepper motor available. what kind do u have? 5wire, 6wire and u must also know the step angle. after that u need to give pulses to the motor either in full step mode or half step mode. u can get this info easily by (...)
Hi, It depends on exactly what you are trying to do and what type of motor you are trying to control ? - dc brush motor, stepper, servo etc. Each type of motor needs a different method of control from the pic - which one are you using ? You can change direction of a dc brush motor just by changing the state of a double pole relay with th
hi, i have a project that about dtmf based stepper motor control via 16F877. when i pressed 4, the stepper motor turn anticlockwise. 6; turn the clockwise and 5 is stop the motor. how can i do this? anybody help me?
in this i am using pic 16f88 both at transmitter and also at the receiver . so i need code please
Hi: Does anyone have a schematic for a stepper driver board using a LMD18245 and a pic processor. Need to do some microstepping. A link to a good website would also be appreciated. Thanks
Hi guys, i just recently succeeded with functioning stepper motor with pic and UCN5804B, so i just did a fundamental test on stepper motor by pumping in different speed in the coding, but with 50% duty cycle. So i tried with 16ms period until 1.5 ms period, so 16 ms makes the motor slow and 1.5 ms makes it fast. i understand how
Hi everyone, im currently working on stepper motor, im using UCN5804 as my stepper motor driver, then i connect pic 16f877A as my indexer to run the motor. i have wrote a C program for pic which im not sure correct or no, im really new with C. Here is the coding i wrote for pic, and i attach the (...)
hey, I'm currently using the SLA7062M unipolar stepper motor driver/translator . I' would like to ask as about that, how can i control this chip with microcontroler-pic. I use the pic16F876 and i've clock frequency 10MHz for timing. So, the instruction word is tc= 0,4 μsec. More over, i saw the picture with name (...)
You can use "pic simulator IDE" There is a version for 8051 also This software got stepper motor indicator ( 2 coils) Got basic and assambler as compiler.
Hi, Here you have tons of stepper motor examples Pcup
hallo, i need a programm to control stepper motor with stepper motor controller tmc239 and pic 18f4580.I have written a programm but i didn't work at all.troubleshooting my programm has not yet been successful.thx regards, Bruno Kasimin
Hi ivansousa, As you have already identified that your application will be having two motors, now you need to choose the stepper motor that suits your application. Then you need to interface the pic microcontroller with the stepper motor. Depending upon the stepper motor specifications you need to program the (...)
Roman Blacks stepper design
Hey you can write a program for keypad interface and read the digit/value entered. simply use this as your angle or speed or what ever you wish and run the stepper motor code after u press say ENTER on keypad or when a valid no. is entered.
Hi, I need to interface my pic 12-hour clock to another pic stepper motor controller, had anyone here has a simple schematic for me? What I want to do is to set a time for the clock and at the moment the stored time exacts the current time , the stepper motor will rotate please help, thanks in advance, the_risk_master
It so simple to drive a stepper motor bro. Try ULN2003 or BA motor driver from ROHM.