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Its rather very simple. Connect your stepper motor to the pins named Output(A-D). From you pic you can control direction and step inputs. Just set the direction to 1/0 and then pulse the step pin everytime you want your stepper motor to move. You can also do the same in half-steps by making Half-step pin high. Refer the datasheet for more (...)
i m in my final year BE & planed to do a project on AUTOMATIC PATH FINDER. Thats purely based on stepper motor control. I m confused wheather should i iuse pic or ATMEL microcontroller & why. Please help me...............i have vewrry short time to decide mail me @ smruti007(at) you can use both . I would
There is no difference between pic or Atmel for someone who really want to use any of those. If you are beginner I suggest a High Level Language like Bascom for Atmel or JAL, picbasic pro, Pascal, C, etc for pic. A pic example with stepper:
I want to drive some stepper motors and Im thinking to control their currents with a pic (also becouse Im going to use a pic to control each motor) so what do you think? Use a pic to control the current limit or use a simple circuit as something as easy as a resistor or something more complex as using a LM117? Thanks
Hi I am having a bipolar 12V 0.6 AMPS 1.8degree stepper motor.I am having problem in finding the driver circuit. And secondly If i have to control it using the signals from the pic how am I going to do it?????/ Any circuit diagram or any related information will be really helpful Kind Regards Quium
Dear all, Do any one have data pattern to interface the stepper motor SM-E040 to a pic controller. Thanx Hello, The SM-E040 is an Epson stepper motor, No??? Well, I think it is and if I have to make a design with it, the first choice is build something like Epson do. They use a power output with NPN transis
use shift register or other "port expander" or use ic for stepper motors e.g. from alegro. then you need just 2 wires (direction, step)
A preview: Have 6 unipolar PM 4-phase stepper motor, how can I drive them?! I will use a micro (as a pic or so). I have thought use 4 chips 1:8 DeMux to send them the 4bits signal (see Image 1) or use 3 1:8 DeMux to send a 3Bits signal to the driver (Enable, clock signal and direction) This option may not be able becouse use 6 stepper (...)
if u want then u have to design ur self you take joy stick and then connect the upper and lower switches of the joy stick to the stepper driver card for forward and reverse direction selection of the stepper motor it is very easy ....... if u want any assistant to design stepper driver the feel free to ask....... but plz tell me the phase (...)
Hi colleagues, I am a beginner in pic programming. I would like to program in C for pic 16F84 to control the stepper motor. I want to try from very simple. Please what books or references ? Thanks in advance.
The supply voltage is not an issue, since you will be simply driving some transistors, through series base resistors. No problem there. However, I do have some reservations about using the ULN2003 to drive a stepper motor. As i recall, it has internal diodes. If you use a stepper motror with center-tapped windings, then the diode on the half
Hi I am looking for a project based on motor control using pic . If they are any ideas or any sites from where I can get a theme to work on it will be great help Thanks The question is, what do you want to design. For motor control, you can use a DC motor controller like L293D or for stepper motor controls, there is al
Hi pg_83in See this page for pic to stepper Motor Interface & Control: hope these help ... Polymath
hi guys. im trying to do a project. the last project i tried to do failed and didnt work due to my lack of understanding the 8051 and missing a lot of things. my last project was something like this. i wanted to communicate between two cars, which would communicate with each other and the lcd display in each car would show the distance be
Please everybody know reply me.I want to control stepper motor with pic . So, I want to know Sankyo stepper motor .Serial number MSJC200P01, 1.8 DEC/STEP, 35ohm/PHASE
i need to contorle this type of stepper motor with a pic18458 device in C i dont know were to begin, i really need help from u guys :cry: thank yoouuu soo much in advance guys
You would have to find a stepper motor controller to control the motor. The controller would be controlled by the pic. The best way to do it is using pic's timers and interrupts to generate pulses to the motor controller. Depends what frequency you need to move the motor
Please help me understand My motor dc is 3A 30V with (tachogenerator 3v/1000 that correct shematic? tachogenerator connect to ANALOG IN of pic . I must convert that voltage or can connect it without anything 3. Is that correct measurement current? That is
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