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if you want stepper motor board pcb ican sent
I'm trying to simulate a stepper motor drive in ISIS. But one of the phases is connected to the ra4 pin. I made ra4 pin digital out and pulled up by a resistor. I'm energizing the phases of the motor sequentially. stepper motor is connected to the pic by uln2003. The other phases works correctly but the phase which is connected to the ra4 (...)
Hi All, I'm working on some servo mechanisms. I want to make a linear interpolation algorithm with micros (pic, x51, ti). I built a cnc with stepper motors. It has linear and circular interpolation but servos are different, i think... Please help, any documents acceptable.
1. Serial interfacing LCD with pic Microcontroller 2. Software SPI interfacing ADC with pic16F84/pic16F628 3. Simple multi channel digital voltmeter 4. stepper motor controller
I want a basic program for pic to controll a stepper mottor using L6219 Thankyou
Hi; anyone have an interest in stepper motors and building the controler circuits? Am new to this but learning the hard way (hehe) the trial and error method. Working on a cnc router/engraver right now. Mike