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92465 1GHz SAMSUANG S5PV210 Integrated 2D/3D engine video CODEC for H.263, H.264, MPEG-1/2/4 (1080p full HD) 512MB DDR2, 4GB iNAND or 256MB NAND Flash HDMI (1080p full HD), VGA (1280x1024@75Hz), LVDS Interface stereo line-out, 2W stereo power amplifier 100M Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, CAN
Hi all, I have a gps device which has got a microphone input outlet which you can connect a microphone to it and use it as Bluetooth phone headset. It came with a mono microphone which is not powerful enough. Because it is fixed in the car I connected a microphone to audio/video extension cable to it, so I can change the microphone easily witho
The aim of the project was to create a high-quality audio system for both stereo and video, with plenty of features with not banal, original housing as for the home design. Both devices has individual switches, so they can be not
On the HDMI there is audio and video stream is embeeded many what I will recomend you to do is check for audio out from your monitor or TV and give it to the seperate Speakers stereo jack.... Good Luck
Dear Scorpeio Inaddition to MP3 Decoder, You have forgot the Audio DAC too. You should have an sterio Audio DAC like AD1852 | stereo, 24-Bit, 192KHz, Multibit Sigma Delta DAC | Audio D/A Converters | Audio/video Products | Analog Devices to convert a
Hi there, I have a quick question about a project of mine. I am converting an old philco radio into an entertainment system. Part of this project is an AV component selector. I need to take the audio and video from four systems and be able to select one for the television and stereo input. I have a three pole, four position rotary switch o
Take a look at some of the Burr Brown USB stereo audio codecs such as the PCM2906B. You don't need to write any usb code on the device to get it working.
I am looking at an imager that has a stereo-mode output when coupled with an LVDS chip of 8-bit raw Bayer on an 18-bit frame output. I want to convert this to CVBS output and have been told that I should use CPLD of some kind, or perhaps FPGA. There are several chips with LVDS inputs, and it is possible to use the chips as a mod to interface with
Hi First post! I was wondering if anyone would help me out with bluetooth. I want to make two bluetooth devices. One to connect to my computer and one to connect to my TV. I want to transfer S-video and 2 mono audio lines from my computer to the TV. So instead of running a long cable from my computer to my tv and running a stereo cable I
:cry::?:I need some help to make a video/audio ipod cable. I need make a ipod video and stereo audio p2 cable to rca. The p2 plug stereo works? I need schematics to this...(sequence to solder in p2 cable of audio stereo and video). :DThanks... Alexandre, Brazil.
Hi, I wasn't sure which forum to post this question in, I don't want to waste peoples time. But here it is. I've got 2 AV 2.4Ghz modules (Tx/Rx). The system can send a video signal (in this case, its designed for PAL-I) and a stereo audio signal. I was thinking of using the system for sending data, namely digital audio. The two audio channel