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I am looking for a good methodology for sharing of source terminals in matched devices. Has the sharing of sources any impact in a current mirror? Is there any mismatch introduced by sti stress or LOD effects? Would you say it is a good idea to never share the source between matched devices in an sti process?
Hi Alex, Ya.I agree .sti is a big issue in recent techonology.But that is taken care by using the some standard simulation tool that also take care the stress effects in all the direction .For example "Litho electrical analyser".Hope by using this you can get some idea. Thanks Shrikant
I know this sti stress generated effect as WPE, see e.g. this posting, especially the linked paper named WPE_LOD_Paper.pdf, sect. III. sti stress, Fig. 17 on page 6 .
Hi, I have investigated this following papper. Jiying Xue, et. al, "A Framework for Layout-Dependent sti stress Analysis and stress-Aware Circuit Optimization", IEEE Transactions, March 2012. Actually I am interested in models reflect mobility, Vth and Isub. The case study of this paper has successfully showcased the (...)
Hi, I think the matching pattern is not correct. And u said it to be a current u cannnot share the drain of M2 and M22. so u cant even share M22 source/drain. If u share M22 drain and not sharing M2 drains then there will be sti effect. Do not share source drain .for current mirror interdigitation pattern is suffieient. do not go for more
Why exactly is sti done ? Device isolation, see here. What is the impact on the stress ? Below pls. find an overview paper about sti induced stress:
elevenak I'm totally agree with you. sti can introduce a mismatch ,metal stress also but the placing of mirror "diode" is totally wrong . 18% mismatch is quite much but looks it is possible.
Hi all Need to be enlightened on sti and the purpose of using dummies to avoid sti. Please help. Regards Brittoo
Hello, Threshold voltage and mobility are affected by the well proximity effect and sti stress, their new equations include new instance parameters: SCA, SCB and SCC considering distances of devices to well edges, which can be extracted when post layout simulation, but theses effects are process dependent. tehy are related to the oxide thickness
What is the meaning of BSIM4 model parameter "pvth0"? It seems to be something related to the effect of sti stress on device Vth. However, I do not see any clue regarding it in BSIM manual.
What is the effect os sti stress on mobility and why?
Hi all, Does anybody have data on the LOD effect? What LOD stands for? What I understand is that it is a stress effect related to the use of sti. More Data / resources on the subject would be highlu appreciated Regards, Elbadry
Hi Does anyone have any documentation or web links on sti stress? I'm particularly interested in where to position bulk connection/substrate taps. Everything I have read so far does not cover this area. On larger processes I have layed out devices with say an M=6 in the following way: b s g d g s b s g d g s b s g d g s b I appreciate