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hello,i used avr programer to program the atmega8l -8pu ( ) this is the programmer i have tow kinds of codes @8MHz atmega8noxtal.upload.protocol=stk500 atmega8noxtal.upload.maximum_size=7168 atmega8noxtal.upload.speed=38400 atmega8noxtal.bootloader.low
Hi... Im novice to avr mcu and its various programming/prototyping methods. I had installed atmel studio6, managed to get stk500 programmer, and after some attempt succeed in programming simple LED blinking program on mega8515 available on stk500. apart from this i don't know much about programming, about how to use studio6 as a (...)
hi i'm writing codes using codevisionavr c compiler for atmega 8 and then program it on the atmega using stk500/isp programmer on an atmega8 the problem is i've got 2 simple codes, for making PORTD.2 pin of avr 1 and 0, and toggle it continiuesly. the two codes are exactly the same but one of the makes the pin 5 volts and 0 volts , and (...)
hi i have a programmer board which i used to worked with it correctly. model : stk500 but now any chip i want to program it gives the error like:avrisp error leaving programing mode back then , when it worked if i didn't put any chips on the board a led would trun on before it warns me that there isn't any chips by the way this program has to
Hello Friends This is Mohammed from Rasa Electronics , we are manufacturer of Dev. boards , Programmers , Modules , switching mode power supplies Due to New Persian year , we give limited quantity of stk500 Programmer and 2 other gift to the everybody that requested
I started of buying the stk500 kit using avr codevision. But I quickly get stuck, not knowing how to code something, for an example to get a LCD display working. If you are using codevision then there are already a lot of libraries included. The LCD pins can be set in the wizard and then it is just a matter of a fe
does avr avrISP V2.0 stk500 USB ISP Programmer support AT89S52 ?? ..... plz , if any body try it . just tell me if it work ..., and plz tell me his recommendations . ( that's really urgent ) ... thnx in advance
Hi everybody. I have an stk500 based avr programmer. I have the driver installed and everything is OK. I want to add it to "Tools" in avr Studio Programming dialog. I didn't find out where to add the settings(COM port No) It just have the "Simulator" option as the programmer. Thanks
stk500 development board can recover avr (in parallel high voltage programming mode) or Check this link Atmega HVPP fusebit doctor – napraw fusebity, fix fusebits >> Manekinen DIY
Post the shematic and code or part of it? When i program my Atmega32 with this fuses ,I was unable to read her with I was read with stk500 clone in HV mode. see the picture from avr It matters what programmer use
In Bascom avr programmers are: avr ISP STK200/300 -/This is 5cables programmer/ PG302 EXTERNAL PROGRAMMER SAMPLE ELECTRONICS PROGRAMMER And more,stk500 ,avr isp mkll and more. my version is with this verson avr910 do not work fine!!!
need sch and firmware links for stk500 based avr ISP programmer.
Hello, I am student and I need to know if the avr stk500 serves in order to process or acquire 4 entrances of data with concerning the time (if the answer is affirmative in case of could use this). The entrance of these data is 4 signs of voltage of 0-5 , I thank you if somebody could help me the I need for my thesis of graduating.
hello i am a student and i am trying to make a project with avr (mega8515) and gsm modem. i use codevision and enable the usart transmiter. also i connect RS232 spare with portd in pins 0 and 1. then i write this code #define CR 0x0D . . main() .. while(1) { printf("AT+CMGD=6"); putchar(CR); break; } this command must delete the message
Hi i have purachased stk500 kit ,so how to install code vision avr. but stk supprt avrstudio4.0 so pls give step hw to configure please try this pdf link It speaks Sarma
Sofware development: avrStudio, Winavr, CodeVisionavr. Programming the chip: - software - the previous + stk500 or other development tools; or, - software PonyProg + interface from .
Actullay I have got STK502 starter kit (extension for LCD avr ) . I don't have stk500 board . The kit has a ATMEGA 169 microcontroller . Can I programm it with this kit .
Run: ebn2hex.exe stk500.ebn stk500.hex
Is that avr new one and if it is , is it supplied with fuse settings which define internal rc oscillator as clock source ? If so you should need to lower stk500 frequency to reach programming fuses. ISP communication frequency should be less than cpu clock . i dont remember exact numbers - try find it from stk ug.
but S52 supports ISP programming and Asim ISP can program it. MOre over, stk500 has Mosi, Miso, sck, and reset, which are common for avr and S52