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I think that this is probably a rotary problem not a usb problem. A mechanical rotary encoder will occasionally send out the wrong code due to switch bounce. The only way to stop this is to either use a optical encoder or redesign the software to cope with errors from the rotary encoder.
Hi all I have a board with LPC2364 proccessor. i run usb mass storage application(IAR example) on my board and it work. but when I changed my start address of application from sector 0 to sector 2 and debug my application, it can't work.and stop or hang in bellow line ( h // Init SCSI module ScsiInit(); __enable_in
I don't believe that anyone wants to invert the usb bus signals. It's a 100 percent safe method to stop usb bus operation, so what should be the purpose?
First of all, check out your code is working or not by connecting to the computer via serial port, then go for usb to serial... If it works with serial port definitely will works for usb serial converter.... and check out the baudrate, stop and parity bits...... Need Help.... I tried to communicate with my laptop by
Hello every body, After applying HID usb with 18F4550 example using usb Power and external power supply, my laptop usb ports don't work. if i want use it, i must shutdown laptop at 15-20 minutes. if i connect any device, it work little time then stop. so If any one face these problems can you help me. another Q. : (...)
Hi, I am programming AT90usb1287 controller via usb communication. The device is working perfectly and i am able to sent and receive data from PC. Is there any way that i can check usb connection is lost or not using programming? I am planning to stop one function when it lost usb connection.
atmel cannot recognize the usb device for etting up. first, I connect with gprs modem (Q2403) and rs232 cable. buti stop this step, so I can not continue. Kindly help.
First make sure that the baud rates at both ends are the same, and that the PC is sending a frame in the identical format with the 8051 (eg. 1 start-bit, 8 data bits, and 1 stop-bit) … :wink: IanP
Hi, FTDI component like FT232RQ or FT232RL convert asynchronous signal (AS) to usb protocol. AS need number of data bits, parity bit, stop bit and speed (baud/s). If i have a flow of bits but not necessary in asynchronous format, may i use (by programmation) a FT232R to catch this flow and to translate it to usb protocol ? I know that (...)
connectors often force us to stop using the devices based on LPT and COM ports. Presented device is useful and cheap. It starts with AVR ISP programmer, which had converter system on a chip ARK3116S in the plug. Using this, usbasp was built. Attiny2313 was in the housing. The
Welcome to edaboard. :-) 2) What does a usb transmission consist of? Is it like a RS232 one? (start bit followed by data followed by parity bit followed by stop bit). From the microcontroller side it is exactly the same. For both usb and RS232, serial communication via UART needs to be implemented. You will need a usb to U
HI guys, I have a small project which controls some leds by PC , the program is interrupted every 43ms by tmr0 in order to send some information to my PC , the program can also be interrupted by the serial com to stop or resume the program , the Problem is how can I use the usb to interrupt the program ? I mean : how can I use usb (...)
Hi all, I have recently purchased module SIM5218A and Development KIT for sim5210 and sim5218(EVB KIT) of SIMCOM.I used usb interface to configure UART port following steps. 1.AT+CSUART=0 (3 line mode) 2.AT+IPR=9600 (Set baud rate) 3.AT+ICF=3,3 (Set control character farming,data bit=8,stop bit=1,parity=none) 4.AT+IFC=0,0 (Set local
let us know,, which operating system you are using. do you know hyperterminal.. in hyperterminal select the port to which the modem is connected, once you click ok then it has option of port settings... there set baud rate 9600, data bits 8, number of stop bits 1, flow control none , parity none. the power ON the modem after connecting it to s
No stop it, instead use flyback topology with pic mcu for charge
how to make usb device respond to DAW stop/start? a DAW I am referring to is a Digital Audio Workstation program such as Cubase or Pro Tools.
Hi to all , here iam facing a little problem that is the smart IT guys turn off usb ports on domain computers via an Active Directory Group Policy. This is for many reasons but the biggest reason is to stop the ability of uploading a virus (either purposely or accidentally)from a usb flash drive. is thier any option to unblock the (...)
see this: Features: * usb 2.0 compliant Full Speed 12Mbps maximum speed; Suspend supported * Xon/Xoff handshaking supported; 300bps to 1Mbps * UART supports 5-8 bit data, 1-2 stop bits, odd/even and no parity * Integrated EEPROM with security lock for Vendor ID, product ID, serial and release
Hi All, I stop my company and I sell some "products" one ASHLING OPELLA With RDI-ARM: 800 ? one EPITOOLS MAJIC ETHERNET whith RDI-ARM 1 250 ? one EPITOOLS JEENI ETHERNET whith RDI-ARM 600 ? (don't work with ARM9) one Oscilloscope GDS-810C + usb Interface. under warranty (- of 1 year) Prix 65
I've tried to mount my sub hdd with different options but w/o success. When i plug in the usb hdd and then boot the PC, it detect the device and then stop and i can't boot the computer. May be i need to do something with my kernel?