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I would use the parametric curve drawing feature in HFSS to create the particular spiral and then sweep a small circle along the curve to create a wire object for additional analysis. You can create a wide range of 3D lines using this feature but it takes a bit of work to understand how to use the feature. It also sometimes gives strange results
Try harder reformulating your homework questions, so we can properly redirect you to the required textbook. Right now all you have is a gibberish thread hijack that makes it quite hard to guess what the hell you are even on about. In general, try Linear Algebra books by Gilbert strang, that guy knows his stuff.
EDIT: I did so, but I get the same error when trying to generate my ROM. strange enough as 2 days ago, I could do it without a problem. Congratulations! You have just discovered why you want to use some sort of revision control for your hdl. ;)
hi all, can anyone tell me where i could download Gilbert strang's book "Introduction to linear algebra" thank you in advance!
i want to download the introduction to linear algebra by gilbert strang who can help me
The basic problem is, that you can't control a triac with galvanic coupling across a bridge rectifier. Just consider the voltage difference between L and DC ground in both half periods and you'll understand, why it can't work. It can work either with isolation (optocoupler, separated windings) or a half-wave rectifier. The strange wavefor
I find it very strang that the Mayan's should fixate on 2012 and that what we see happening in the world seem to correlate? Supposedly, the Mayan prophecy was derived from some insight about the cycles of the sun? It does appear to be getting hotter, but not because of the sun spot cycle. The empending economic and climatic changes that are a
i am need of one book "wavelets and filter banks" by Gilbert strang and Truong Nguyen, wellesley cambridge press,1996
hi Check this bye shweta
Calculus by Gilbert strang:
Hi, everyone, I have a little bit special case of shift register design. Can someone give me a help? Here I have two complementary clocks, voltage swing 0-3.3V, and internal logic is using -6V ~ 6V or even higher, PMOS and NMOS threshold voltages are about 2.5V(kind of strang process ). Now I need to design fast shift register which may run at
this is a nice book .please try to upload this if possible. "wavelet and filter bank" by strang.
Professor strang's Class 18.06 Linear Algebra Lecture Videos, Fall 1999 enjoy... :o
I have question for members experienced with CST MWS. Structure is attached - it crashes during "Normal matrix..." initialization. It's strange because SPK3 - similar structure made by the same generator is analysed without any problems. PLEASE HELP..... Thanks in advance, Eirp